Is New Mexico Better or Worse Off Since Governor Martinez Took Office?


martinezIs the state of New Mexico better off, about the same or worse off since Governor Martinez took office?

That is the question I have been asking myself and others the last several weeks. I have prayed about this. I know we sure don’t have the corruption that we had during good old party man Bill. But is our state better off since Susana Martinez took office as Governor?

I voted for her with the hopes should could bring the Roundhouse together and get the state headed in the right direction. That has not taken place. Democratic leader Michael Sanchez is a big road block to any common sense legislation. I know, I dealt with him as manager of the Belen radio station.

Grid lock in Santa Fe and Washington D.C. is hurting our country greatly. The bottom line with most all of these politicians it is no longer about the people’s business. It’s all about themselves and getting re-elected.

When is the last time a piece of legislation came out of D.C. or Santa Fe that actually helped the average Joe and Jane of this nation? I challenge you to name one! Obamacare is part of what is destroying our country.

Getting back to my question of are we better off or worse off or about the same since New Mexico elected Susana Martinez, my answer is worse and it is not all her fault.

The Republicans and Democrats share equal blame in all this. Years ago New Mexico should had diversified it’s economy and not rely on the Federal government’s gravy train of jobs, so the fault goes way back. Now we have talk of  continued layoff’s at Intel in Rio Rancho. Crime is out of control, the State Police is out of control with the shooting death of the women in Santa Fe, the shooting at the van full of kid’s near Taos and other  questionable situations.

Violent crime is so bad in the state that Homeland Security has been called in to address the gang issue. The FBI is in the state looking into corruption in rural areas of government. People are moving out of the state right and left. The Governor did not support the late term abortion ban vote in Albuquerque.

New Mexico is losing jobs and residents.

The Governor stood by and let the County Clerks create chaos issuing same sex marriage licenses, as chief executive officer should could have done a lot more to stop the mess. The state has done nothing to appeal the State Supreme Courts ruling of approving same sex marriage. The feud between the Governor and Democrats regarding Education and Immigrant drivers license has caused grid lock.

So now as we approach another Legislative session the Governor has announced her budget plan, no changes really from the past, just spending more money hoping to improve education. We have seen this movie before,  whether it’s a Republican or Democrat, the characters  just change once in awhile.

To conclude, in our  poll and interviews of people, it is unanimous that the state of New Mexico is worse off since Governor Martinez took office, but it is very important to note that Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature share equal blame, they all have failed to get the peoples business done.

One Leader in our state said it is the philosophical differences between Republicans and Democrats that  has put us where we are at as a state, in grid lock and failure.

Many tell me that Jay McCleskey, the Governor’s top aide is the main problem. If that is the case the Governor needs to be her own person and not being molded into something she isn’t. The Governor has been predicted to run for Vice President or Congress, the problem is she has not much of a  record of success to run on.

It is up to us the citizens of New Mexico to demand this mess ends now!

I took some heat back in November when I wrote about the Governor and McCleskey:

From Pastor Paul

I agree with Dewey’s assessment of Gov Martinez’s tenure. It is not so much that she is a bad governor, it is that she does not truly embrace principles that we know work.

Suzanna Martinez is a progressive republican who claims Catholic faith. While she espouses conservative values she does not fight for them. She instead pursues the traditional agenda that has bankrupted our state of finances, liberty and morality.

As I stated on radio yesterday, consider that Utah’s state supreme court authorized same sex marriage the same week that New Mexico’s state supreme court did. Utah filed for the US supreme court to stay the decision until it could be heard, but where is New Mexico’s challenge?

The governor has allowed religious freedoms to be eroded by the court without opposition. She is limiting the freedoms of those that desire to buy firearms in accordance with the progressive agenda. She has allowed the state legislature to oppose her nominee for education secretary.

What are we left with? A weak governor that is more interested in her political future and allowing her state to decay than fight for it. We should blame both sides for the condition of our land of enchantment, but Suzanna Martinez has wasted a rare opportunity to make a difference.


  1. Pretty much have to agree with everything above. Had extremely high hopes when the Governor was 1st elected but no sooner than she was in office, all the rumors of a run for Washington stated popping up and I think it’s gone to some folks heads. Sorry for my language, but there isn’t a bat’s change in – – timbucktoo! Many who helped her get to the position she’s in now have received the fatal blade in the back once she was in. She now has her eyes set on DC and nearly as I can tell, she hasn’t a clue NM exists any longer! I.E. Albuquerque’s attempt to ban late term abortion – “It’s a city issue, not a state issue,” she says. EXCUSE ME MA’AM, IT’S A MORAL ISSUE, ITS A HUMAN ISSUE, ITS A GOD ISSUE. STAND UP & BE COUNTED, or GO HOME!
    I could go on, but you have my feeling and got my point, like it or not!

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