Howard Stansell: Obama, Race and the Theater of the Absurb

commentaryWe are so thankful to Pastor Don Kimbro for the following: I am forwarding to you for your perusal a commentary from Howard Stansell that perhaps you would consider posting to FGGAM.
You may know Howard (he says he knows of you). He was one of the founders of Hope Christian School in Albuquerque. He is now a retired school teacher from Los Lunas and a wonderful musician and leadsThe Sparrow’s Nest. They play every other Friday night at TJ’s in Los Lunas and attract the non-drinking crowd who want to sing along about Jesus. Most of his commentaries (which are fairly short like this one), are political observation. He posts a couple of times a month. At any rate, thought you might be interested. God bless.
Pastor Don Kimbro
Yes, my friends, we are living in the theater of the absurd. Problem is: it is no made up drama! I’m just trying to figure out what act we’re in. I think act one is over, act two may be nearing a finish; The third conclusive act is near. Will the curtain fall?
The star of this artfully staged, ignoble farce says the reason for his current slumping approval ratings is“racial animus.” Sadly, race has been the major theme of this tragic comedy from the beginning; it swells on cue whenever truth is on the verge of overtaking lies and deception.
He, the great pretender, goes so far as to link the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington to race! He says, get this, that it’s “important because of the racial disparity in how those caught with marijuana are punished.” He has placed his stamp of approval on this dangerous legislation and hitched it up to claims of racism!
Obama’s redundant clamor about race, flared again adjacent to Martin Luther King Day. In reality, our bi-racial president has done more to damage the content of character message so eloquently delivered by Dr. King than anyone  in contemporary prominence. King’s message was one for all men regardless of color that sought to calm and unify a people! Obama’s is a narrow, vindictive oration politically designed to agitate, perpetuate chaos and divide a nation. It is expedient for him, however, because he has little else in his angry arsenal with which to wage the war of fundamental transformation!
Will he never understand that his critics, in large majority, could care less about his race (either one of them). They care, rather, about his devastating policies and blatant dishonesty! He has poisoned the Republic! Is there an antidote to be found?
 Written by Howard Stansell

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