Don’t Expect Much From New Mexico Legislative Session


It is a down right shame that the New Mexico Legislature just has a 30 day session this year. With huge problems like a bad economy, unemployment, closing businesses, dwindling population, violent crime, water shortage, severe drought, would a 90 day session be helpful? I don’t know. A friend of mine said the less time the Legislature is in session,the less damage they can do to the state!  It’s all about doing the people’s business and I get the feeling we will see the same movie again as we have in the past. How much time will the Legislature spend in having special days like to honor the “silver minnow”? I’m just kidding sort of, but you know how these people like to take the people’s time and have these special days and honor all sorts of stuff that interferes with the people’s business in such a crucial time in New Mexico history. How do you address the serious issues this state is facing in 30 days? It appears that the biggest goal is to get a budget passed and many Legislator’s will be happy with just that. Issues that will be brought up are saving the lottery scholarship, I thought that was going to save education in the state? Mixing gambling and education never works. Gambling is a sin. There is a movement to legalize marijuana, more awful news and the ever famous “Job Creation Bill’s” Government does not create jobs! Hey, what ever happened to those “shovel ready jobs” Who promised those? Those shovels are rusted by now. I am sure the drivers licence issue for immigrants will be brought up and of course education issues. Will the sanctity of marriage and life be addressed at all? NM LegislatureThe race for Governor has already began, we will see that in play during the session. Sam Bregman the head Democrat is already spouting off and Attorney General Gary King, who is running for Governor,  is using his office to sound off also. Governor Susana Martinez is in a tough spot because there is not much good news to report. These stats  count as we go into the session which starts this Tuesday at noon: We have 112 part-time Legislators representing the state. In the House 37 Democrats and 33 Republicans. In the Senate 25 Democrats and 17 Republicans. Republican Governor Martinez will have her hands full once again. So what do you think the focus will be on? Do you think much will be accomplished? I am praying for a miracle that the people’s business be addressed and not political agenda’s. We also pray for the defeat of any legislation that is not in line with God’s Word.


  1. My vote would go for – nothing but politics – unfortunately. I’m not seeing anyone with the will or the power to make anything real happen within 30 days! Other than by intervention of God Himself, just not seeing much happen. And quite frankly, if I were Him – I’d be like – why waste my time on my new Sodom & Gomorrah that we call New Mexico!

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