Commit to the Lord

Dear Family our Lord Jesus Christ,
Thank you my friends for stopping by for a CUP, I am so excited for another day to serve the Lord! Amen!
Today is the funeral of Pastor Ray Franks at 1:30pm at the Christian Evangel Center.Please be in prayer. Please keep the family in your prayers.
We here at FGGAM testify to you that the Bible told us so………
Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. -Prov 16:3
Today is a very busy day I am on radio this morning, see below for details. Please continue to pray for Rick Stambaugh our news reporter at FGGAM. He has been undergoing medical tests all week!! I have been trying to fit into Rick’s shoe’s, but there very HUGE! We love you Rick!
I want to share this with you……..
Our newest writer at FGGAM.ORG is Dennis Cole, a wonderful man of God. Dennis wrote about his brother Michael who has cancer………
I wanted to give you all an update on my brother Michael who has 4th stage pancreatic cancer. I got to visit him and family in Jacksonville and Eugene Oregon last weekend.
1st impressions for me was who is the bald guy with my sister and nephew? That of course was Michael… same as always ” I figure I’ve got somewhere between March 1st and forever” quipped my big brother regarding his “chances” for living.

When I saw him 1st on Saturday he had just returned from a healing encounter at the famed Bethel Church in Redding CA. While experiencing worship music he was experiencing the presence of God.
In this,
Michael said he was comforted that God had not abandoned him. I was somewhat surprised.
I never new he felt that way ,but often when one is being nurtured one allows himself to remember the sadness. “Blessed are those that mourn for they will be comforted.” That’s what he got.
Lots of comfort.
In April of last year my nephew Andrew, Michael’s son died of a heroine overdose, and then 2 months later he , Michael was diagnosed with cancer. In the hearing of music He heard God clearly encourage him that all was ok. That He was giving Michael His mercy.
His tumors are not bigger, generally smaller, but they are still around. He gets around ,ie not the least bit bed ridden. Great attitude and funny as ever.

I personally got to do Matthew 24, and 25 as bible-actor at New Hope Bible Church in Grants Pass Oregon on Sunday.
These passages deal very specifically about the days just prior to Jesus 2nd coming. Typically I have comments for the audience following the presentation. On Sunday I spoke of the world today as like a person who suffers from an illness whose body is beggining to shut down.
I was thinking of Michael.
I wanted to encourage them that something has to die so something greater can live. Like cancer to the human body so too is immorality and lawlessness to the world. Just as,
Michael knows he is not being abandoned by God even though his own body is being destroyed.
So too their is an answer to the metastasizing spirit of coldness in the world today.
Death though not part of Gods original design for us is, however ,His Hand in guiding us all into personal peace. He is calling us to a sober look at the world as sick not well. In this observation their is healing especially if we surrender to what we know is true “I am the way, the truth and the life.” In death He is offering life.
La Chaim to planet Earth. He is coming for you all you have is to want Him as He is.. Lord of Life.

Michael as an older brother was a father to me. He did what was needed in our family. He taught me selfless love and in that how to live.
He is showing me love and life again by showing me how to die,
for death is the secret in knowing how to live.

Thank you Dennis, very touching words…..we love you and your family and we are praying for Michael, healing, in Jesus name Amen!
Let me share with you two stories that are posted right now at FGGAM.ORG
Let us be in prayer as sex trafficking is a major problem in our world and is again at this years Super Bowl. Minnesota Rep. Klobuchar wants the NFL to do more about this ugly and sinful problem. If you are a football fan and will be watching the game, think and pray over what goes on behind the scenes, just horrible.
Between 10am and 11am this morning, I will be on the air with Derek of KMIN AM 980 and KMYN FM 96.7. You can listen right here on the FGGAM web site by clicking on the KMIN listen now icon on the front page. “The World We Live In” radio program begins this Sunday on KMIN and KMYN at 7:30 am MST. This morning I will be talking with Derek about For God’s Glory Alone Ministries and what the Lord has directed us to do through our radio programming.
Your hosts for “The World We Live In” are my brother Pastor Paul Holt and myself.
We are now blessed to tell you we are on 4 radio stations in New Mexico, Son Broadcasting’s KDAZ AM730 in Albuquerque Mondays at 12:05pm, KYRN FM 102.1 in Socorro, NM Sunday mornings at 10:30am, and now KMIN AM 980 and KMYN FM 96.7 in Grants, NM Sundays at 7:30am. With these stations FGGAM covers, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, Grants, Gallup, Los Lunas, Belen, Socorro, Magdalena, Elephant Butte area and much more of New Mexico. With streaming audio on all but the Socorro station we reach the world for Jesus Christ.
We stream KDAZ AM730, KMIN AM 980, KMYN FM 96.7 and the Christian music radio station Glory Radio all on this web site. You will find them on the front page on the left hand side.
We thank our Lord for all He is doing through FGGAM, we thank all of you who financially support the ministry of FGGAM and our expansion. For God’s Glory Alone!
Please pray with us, as the Lord has shown us MORE STATIONS.
Will you stand in the gap with us?
You can also  listen to many of our our past radio programs in our media center. The media center icon is at the top of the front page.KMINDewey-and-Pastor-Paul-Holt1-300x225
Look for that listen live button on the left hand side on the front page of our web site! For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, Paul, Jo, FGGAM Board and families

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Dewey Moede

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Cry out to the Lord

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