So… I just chased my garbageman down the street in my robe. It’s morning and I’m up with my coffee (I’m a bit of a coffee-snob, if you want to know) and it’s early like 8:50am! Yeah, Yeah… I can hear all the ‘that’s not early’ cat-calls now… well, for me- anything earlier than maybe 9:30 is early ok… lay off… Anyways- Hi! This is Ryan and you’re reading my post. Awesome. The reason I woke up so stinking early today is because of an idea I had entirely forgotten about, but I have a feeling God reminded me of…


Yep. You read right. ARTISTRY.

Read on, brave viewer… Read on…


Artistry… what is it?


Artistry is an idea I had a while ago- it’s the synthesis of a lot of years banging my head against a creative wall- it’s a completely different way of life, combining a zillion different nuances together into one grand thing- like a church- or kid trying out all the different soda flavors at once. Artistry is a place- preferably somewhere with a stage- where all art has a place- all artists have a place. It’s a specially set aside place with specially set aside time so people like you and I can be ourselves. I believe everyone is an artist. One of the perks of being made in God’s image is that we inherit some family traits- and since we sort of come from the guy who created everything like some grand story told right out of his imagination (and yes, I am being entirely theological, here- take it up with CS Lewis if you give pause) we are inherently sub-creators- or, to put it simply: Artists.


Think about it.


What do you create on a daily basis?

Do you make coffee?

I make trash, too… but you probably don’t at all… (hence the me chasing after the trashman with a check introduction hook at the beginning). Do you make people happy? Do you dream or imagine? Do you joke or laugh? What do you laugh at? What really matters to you?


This is what I’m trying to really get at here: What kind of Story are you telling with your life? What kind of character are you sub-creating right now, this very second as you breathe this breath- read this word- think about this thought-? When you’re finished being amused or inspired or bored with this post, and you turn off your internet (always a good thing to do) and walk away- off to whatever sort of life you live- who are you?


Artistry is about space. Breath. It’s about taking what you are creating and putting it up on the fridge. Recognizing- celebrating- reaching and encouraging the very best of who God made you to be. If you paint- I imagine a whole room full of colors and canvasses for you and other like-minds to go bananas over. If you love theatre (yes, I did use the British spelling, thank you for noticing)- here’s a stage- do as you will. If you love writing- here’s your room with a view and a clear, open, smooth writing desk simply covered in blank pages begging to be splashed in words. Do you love speaking? Here’s the mic. Do you love music? Here’s your studio. Artistry.


Are you getting it yet?


Medieval churches (and if you live in New Mexico, you can visit some!) are specifically designed to awe you- and this is simply because God is awesome. If you aren’t aware of this, or feel a bit guilty because you think you cant- no fear- you know it when it happens. The columns and beams and pillars are all meant to draw your eyes heavenward- up from your mundane drudgery to the City of God- reminding us of what we are all really, truly apart of. All our lives beating with the One Life which is Jesus. The next time you catch yourself


making something- realize this little act of creating- this ability to create is an echo from heaven. And Jesus himself is the muse behind the inspiration. Like I said, we’re all artists- really.


Do you go to a church? Do you have an empty building somewhere? Do you know any young people? Anybody at all?

If you answered yes to any of these- or even whipped up some fool-proof excuse (there you go sub-creating again…) chances are you can have your own

artistry, too. Dedicate some time and some space just for the simple act of creating something together with people. It doesn’t have to be much- it doesn’t have to be everything- it just has to be something- and believe you me- anybody, ANYBODY (yes, this includes you with the fool-proof exception) can make something new. Jesus did when he was dying, for heaven’s sake! Surely you can too, sitting in your robe drinking coffee in the morning- or in some big empty building. We are meant to be a community together- and Artistry is a wonderful way of making community happen. Whoever you are, wherever you are, thing about, pray about, do about this. Pick a time, pick a place- plaster Facebook and invite your real-life friends, too- and get busy- creating something wonderful together.

In closing, let me quote from

the indomitable George MacDonald (if you haven’t heard about him- seriously- the greatest Christian writer since Paul. SERIOUSLY.):

“Let every man or woman work out the thing that is in him. Whoever, uses the means that he has, great or small, and does the work that is given him to do, stands by the side of Jesus and is a fellow worker with him.”

And if you live in my neck of the woods (that being the Hannibal, MO/Quincy, IL area- Artistry is going down at Payson Christian Church)- get a hold of me and let’s do this.



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