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Today is December 22, the 355th day of 2013 and there are 10 days left this year and it is another blessed day here in the work for our Lord at:

For God’s Glory Alone Ministries !!!

It’s another beautiful day here in Albuquerque where it’s presently 31 degrees and we’re expecting a high in the low to mid 40’s. No snow or storms here at our house yesterday and not expecting any today but they did get a light dusting on the eastern side of town yesterday. Way up north in the Santa Fe area, they are getting a bit of snow this morning where I think they’re expecting up to an inch. Other parts of the state, actually – the country, did get some weather yesterday and we urge everyone to please exercise caution while you’re out and about. The streets will also be busy with last-minute shoppers so plan a little extra time wherever you may be off to.

Also, for anyone who didn’t see it yesterday, here at FGGAM we are working on starting a new program each year where we will be working to make a better Christmas for a family who may not be able to have as merry a Christmas as many of us have the opportunity to have. I encourage everyone to take a peak at my article, “A Christmas Wish For Jennifer” and we ask for anyone who can to try and help this lovely family with their Christmas wishes!

You can click here to see the article:

So, What Happened Today In 1884:

Cattleman John Chisum, Central Player In New Mexico’s Lincoln Country War Of 1878-81 Dies In Eureka Springs Arkansas

john chisum

Born in Tennessee in 1824, Chisum moved with his family to Paris, Texas, when he was eleven years old. For several years he worked as construction contractor, but in 1854, he decided to go into the cattle ranching business. By 1875, Chisum was running over 80,000 head of cattle near the Pecos River in Lincoln County, New Mexico. Inevitably, such a large herd ranging over a vast and isolated area attracted the interests of rustlers, and Chisum claimed to have lost nearly 10,000 head to thieves. Fed-up, Chisum joined forces with two other New Mexico cattle kings to do battle with the small cattlemen and merchants they believed were behind the thefts. In particular, the big ranchers targeted two Irishmen who owned a large general store, called the House, in the town of Lincoln. Besides giving aid to the rustlers and small ranchers that Chisum despised, the House also managed to gain control over most of the government contracts for supplying beef to Army posts and Indian Reservations, undercutting the ability of the big ranchers to sell their cattle directly to these buyers at high profits.

When a deputy sheriff under the control of the House murdered one of Chisum’s allies in 1878, the Lincoln County War erupted. The battle was about more than that murder, though—it was a struggle for economic and political control of the region. Chisum and the big ranchers turned their cowboys into gunslingers—including a friendly young man named William Bonney, better know as Billy the Kid.

Billy the Kid became one of the ranchers’ most loyal and fierce allies, playing a role in the murder of many of the supporters of the House. When the House eventually emerged from the war victorious, Bonney turned to Chisum for help, demanding $500 in wages for his murderous work. When Chisum refused, Billy turned against the rancher and took payment by stealing Chisum’s cattle and horses. Suddenly abandoned by Chisum and the other powerful interests that protected him from the reach of the law, Billy the Kid’s days were numbered. His one-time friend, Pat Garrett, murdered him in 1881.

Devastated by the Lincoln County War and the continuing losses of his cattle to rustlers and Indians, Chisum lost much of his wealth and power. Nonetheless, when he died at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, three years after the Lincoln County War ended in 1881, he left an estate that was still worth half a million dollars, a striking indication of the massive wealth he had accumulated.

Other Memorable Or Interesting Events Occurring On December 22 In History:

1596 – Ferryboat Meuniers crashes in Paris, France killing 150;

1731 – Dutch people revolt against meat tax;

1775 – Continental Congress creates the Continental Navy naming Esek Hopkins, Esq., the commander-in-chief of the fleet. (Future American hero, John Paul Jones, was one of the first five navy Lieutenants named that day);

1808 – Ludwig van Beethoven’s 5th Symphony given world premiere in Vienna;

1864 – Union General William T. Sherman presents the city of Savannah, Georgia to President Abraham Lincoln as his Christmas present;

1882 – 1st Christmas tree light string created by Thomas Edison;

1886 – 1st National Accountants’ Society in U.S. formed in New York City – (sorry, I know it’s not a biggie, but my wife’s an accountant so I had to throw that one in there!);

1894 – United States Golf Association, (USGA), formed in New York City;

1917 – In WWI, Russian-German peace talks begin at Brest-Litovsk on the Polish border;

1900 – 1st car produced under the “Mercedes” name is delivered to its buyer, Emil Jellinek, an Austrian car racer;

1941 – In WWII, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrives in Washington D.C. to discuss unified Anglo-American war strategy with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt;

1956 – A baby gorilla named Colo becomes 1st gorilla born in captivity at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio;

1971 – Soviet Union accuses China of backing U.S. policies in Vietnam illustrating a growing rift between the two communist superpowers;

1972 – Washington announces that Operation Linebacker II bombing campaign will continue until Hanoi agrees to negotiate “in a spirit of good will and in a constructive attitude”;

1978 – John Wayne Gacy confesses to killing over two dozen boys & young men & burying their bodies under his home in Chicago. Gacy was convicted of 33 sex related murders committed between 1972 & 1978 & was given the death penalty;

1989 – Romanian army defects to the cause of anti-communist demonstrators & the government of Nicolae Ceausescu is overthrown. Romania was considered the most repressive & backward county in Europe. Ceausescu & his wife were captured & convicted of mass murder in a hasty military trial & were both executed by firing squad on December 25th;

1990 – Lech Walesa, well-known labor leader & winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is sworn in as the 1st non-communist president of Poland since the end of WWII.

Now, Off To The Fun Stuff:

Today’s Christmas Decoration Light Show:

Oh how I use to love decorating the outside of the house for Christmas and watching the joy on the Grandchildren’s faces, but alas health & age have kicked in! I thank God I’ve got a wonderful daughter, Tiana, and son-in-law, Anthony, who now do it for me each year. My precious wife Sandy, with the help of the kids, always does the inside which turns out so absolutely beautiful it is almost incomprehensible and I pride myself for that as well as I know enough to ‘stay out of their way’ while they do it! (LOL)

Click here to see today’s show; it’s a really, really fun watch:,d.aWc

Today’s Funny Puppy Picture:

cute puppy

Today’s Word Of The Day:

Secular – is an adjective used to describe things or people that are not religious.

Today’s ‘How To’ Video:

Have you always heard the song “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire” but never have known how to do it? Here ya go:

Today’s Silly Sign:

silly sign

Today’s Riddle:

How do you make the number ‘one’ disappear by adding to it? – – – – – – – – add a ‘G’ which makes it – GONE

Today’s Inspirational Music Video:

Mel Thomas & Judy Garland, The Christmas Song:

Today’s Sign Of The Times:

lassieCan you remember their names? (Timmy & Lassie)

Today’s ‘It’s Still A Law’:

In Las Cruces, New Mexico:  You may not carry a lunchbox down Main Street.

Today’s Crazy ?:

If they have angel food cake on earth, do they have people food cake in heaven?

Today’s Patriotic Quote:


Today’s Thought:


Today’s Christian Thought:

christian thought


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