The Quote of The Day: Is your faith privately engaging but socially irrelevant?


the callIs your faith privately engaging but socially irrelevant? Is it as consistent in your place of work as in your home? Are all your memberships and your allegiances relativized by your commitment to Christ? Are you acting as “salt” and “light,” or do you need to be locked out of a Christian ghetto? Listen to Jesus of Naozzareth; answer his call. From Os Guinness in his book, THE CALL

I strongly encourage you to read this book. When God was calling me to move out of KKIM radio and I was dragging my feet, Pastor Larry Moss one of my mentor’s in life, gave me this book. Larry told me that God no longer wanted me consumed with the day to day operations of a radio station, God wanted me out Preaching the word, that is what God had shown him to tell me. After that, three other people visited me and shared the same message that Larry had told me. Larry and all my friends, and the book have been a God send in my life! Amen! Thank YOU LORD!

I pray that you hear from God everyday……everyday…….and that you are answering the call of God, there is nothing more important than that, being obedient to God! Serving HIM!

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