Repost: A Christmas Eve Story


We first posted this great story on Christmas 2011.  Every police officer; whether municipal, county or state has a similar story to tell.  The circumstances, the glee or the sorrow, and the final outcome may be different, but they all involve tears and life lessons.  As a retired New Mexico State Policeman, I have my own memories.  Thank God, most ended in joy, but one … not so much.  But that is a story for another time.

Here is a story from retired Ohio State Trooper Bob Welsh and what a story it is.  But first, I have repeated my original introduction:

We wish we had ran across this video earlier.  We did not, but we took a chance that we might receive an answer to our request to post it today or soon after.  Our e-mailed request to retired Ohio State Trooper Bob Welsh was answered today and we have graciously been granted permission for our posting of the presentation.

If you are now or have ever been a dedicated law enforcement officer, or if you are a citizen who has wondered just how stern and serious cops can be, and if they always present a persona like the metal of their badge … hard and durable.  Then please watch the video Trooper Welsh has presented:


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