New Mexico Losing Jobs and Residents, Crime out of control


As some New Mexico Political leaders get excited about the prediction that the state will receive $239 Million more in revenue, lot of it from oil, The bad news continue to pile up in the state as the job picture is dim and people are moving out of the state in record numbers. Quality of life is also slipping in New Mexico as the crime rate is out of control, in Albuquerque violent crime leads the nightly news most every night with TV news becoming like a police blotter. When I travel into the small communities of New Mexico, some ask me, “Is there a murder in Albuquerque everyday?” That is the perception of too many people, in state and out of state. My self and Pastor Paul Holt have stated many times, there is not a political solution here, it is a God solution, bringing God back into our state, our government, our schools, our homes, our churches. Between April and October, New Mexico lost more than 20,000 jobs.  ….
That 2.4 percent nosedive,  may have been partly fueled by Washington, D.C.Overall, 24,000 labor force Jobs  were lost.While the private sector has been doing its part to create jobs, the government losses mean New Mexico is shedding jobs faster than it can create and keep them.More than 15,000 people decided to move out of New Mexico this past year.

Read more here on violent crime in New Mexico:

A few weeks ago I had a talk with a Bernalillo County Deputy Sheriff, and he told me in his 25 years on the Department he has never seen so much violent crime. This is not the fault of our Law Enforcement officers, it is that we are raising up generation after generation without God present in all things.

Read the front page of the Albuquerque Journal this morning..more shootings in the city.

You cannot grow jobs,improve education, quality of life, and increase population with violent crime being present and God NOT present in everything you do.

And with late Term Abortions still being performed in the City, Albuquerque has become known as the Abortion Capitol of the United States…….For heavens sakes people!

Albuquerque had the opportunity to shut down late term abortion, but failed to stop the killing of babies!

You cannot argue with God what is right and is all put forth to us in God’s Word.

If we are not in alignment with God…..well, I pray you can figure that out.

This is a situation that Chamber of Commerce and State Tourism cannot cover up in pretty talk and spending money to advertise quality of life.

I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.
President Harry S. Truman

Money and Politics is NOT the answer!

May, New Mexico Bless God.

God is the only mexico flag 2

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