Kimberly Loves Yeshua



Sometimes during difficult seasons of our lives, the pain we face seems constant. These are the times we need to remind ourselves, that we have done the best we can and will continue to do the best we can. Do not give up. The most difficult challenge we face is that doing our best, is not always enough. Learning to accept that is an uphill battle for us all. We want so badly to click our heels and be home. Our greatest desire, is wanting this chapter in our lives to end. We want to wake up and see that it wasn’t real, but a horrible nightmare. We want to see God’s goodness come from so much sorrow and/or pain. The Lord knows every nook and cranny of us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. And, He also knows our suffering on an intense, personal level. You must know that such persecutions are part of God’s will for us. If you are suffering to the point of despair, let these words of encouragement help you hang on to your faith. This is when all you have is Yeshua, Christ Jesus. Amen

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