He is There!


My emotions have been on every level the past few days with information overload. I look at the blessings in my life and joy floods my soul, I read the news and my heart is burdened for the nonsense that goes on around us, I visit the pages of my friends on social media and my heart breaks for there are so many who are struggling with sickness and loss. But what I discover in my overload of emotions is there is one common denominator in all of the circumstances.


Satan would have us believe that in the worst of times God is not found, but oh contraire! Tis a lie from the pits of Hell. The news that burdens my heart is prophecy fulfilled in ways that have me shaking my head and wondering why our leaders who call themselves Christians cannot see it; they appear to go on making decisions that are so far from God’s intended design with little thought to a “payday someday.” R.G. Lee preached a sermon titled “Payday Someday” over 1,000 times in his ministry. And as I listened to a portion of it this morning from the text in 1st Kings 21, the story of Jezebel’s wicked plot to get the property of Naboth for Ahab her husband, I couldn’t help but see the resemblance of what is still occurring to Israel today. But the wicked will not have that land. Israel is not called the Promised Land without reason, and God doesn’t break His promises. It’s their land and it will stay their land. And Heaven help anyone who gets in the way of that promise. Even America. God’s still in the story.

On a personal front, Satan continues the lie that God is not found. I read story and post, one after another of heartbreak and sorrow in the lives of God’s people. Heartache doesn’t take a holiday. If anything there’s likely more heartache in the midst of the Holiday Season than any other. Because it’s a Holy Day. Satan thinks that if he can get the focus off of Christ and onto self he’ll have succeeded on some level of thwarting the Spirit of Christmas. Not true! What I see happening is even through the heartache and sorrow God is glorified in the lives of the Christians. Yes they’re hurting, yes they’re upset, but woven into their stories is that thread of hope that each one holds onto with the knowledge that God has a better day for them.  Go Jesus!!! He is faithful and true.

So to the naysayers I send the challenge from Isaiah 41:21

Produce your cause, saith the Lord; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob.

Go ahead and show me your reasons that there is no God and I can show you an endless supply of reasons that He is there. The big lie is that you believe there is no God. Because within you, you who God created by the way, is a seed of hope that lies in Him. You may have covered it up with the dirty lies of Satan, but deep within your heart still beats a desire to know your Creator.

Wrote myself happy again today! Let me know where you find God in your season!


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