Hazardous Driving Conditions on I-40 at Sedillo Hill and Edgewood, Both East and West


tramwaywinter weather 2BREAKING NEWS FROM THE FGGAM NEWS DESK: We are updating this story as we get more weather related reports. Photo from Pastor Leonard Navarre on Tramway in Albuquerque. Pastor Leonard reports to us that difficult driving conditions are being experienced on I-40 near Edgewood, New Mexico and Sedillo Hill, east and west. Please drive carefully. Leonard reports that driving in from Edgewood to Albuquerque was hazardous. He has seen a jackknifed semi and a school bus wreck in his travels this morning. He reports 6 inches of snow with 10 inches expected in Edgewood and a current temp of 17 Degrees at 10am. It is still snowing on the Westside of Albuquerque where just about an inch of snow has fallen at the FGGAM office. Report done at 10:33am.

I-25 northbound closed from Santa Fe  to Glorieta due to snow.

Some parts of Albuquerque reporting 5 inches of snow, Sandia Park reports 7 inches. Info from the National Weather Service.

Report at 11am Santa Fe has 6 inches of snow and it is coming down good.

Santa Fe Police report 14 weather related accidents since 6:30am, mostly fender benders, no injuries, be careful.

All State Offices in Santa Fe will close at 2pm because of the storm.

There are many reports of accidents is the region. Please be careful.

More weather here: https://fggam.org/winter-storm-cleon/

and more on the Weather from Kramer: https://fggam.org/kramers-weather-report-more-snow-and-cold/

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