BREAKING NEWS: NM State Police Officer Montoya To Appeal His Firing


FGGAM News has just learned thru that New Mexico State Police officer Elias Montoya  who fired shots at a minivan full of children and their Mother during a crazy and dangerous traffic stop near Taos plans to appeal his firing.

Montoya’s attorney say’s the veteran officer intends to file an appeal for wrongful termination.

State Police Chief Pete Kassetas fired Montoya on Friday. Governor Susana Martinez has voiced her support of the dismissal, as we do here at FGGAM.

This was a post I wrote on Saturday:

It is still very disturbing to me to see  New Mexico State Police Officer Elias Montoya fire at a van full of kid’s and their Mother. What was the man thinking? How on earth can a unarmed Mother and Children be such a threat?  Now I understand the Mother broke the law and has problems of her own, but shooting at the van, and I don’t care if Officer Montoya says he was shooting at the tires of the van. This is not in any way acceptable behavior  from a law enforcement officer. Thankfully New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas sees it the same way, as he fired Montoya Friday. See the video here when the news broke of the incident:   Now Montoya has supporters as they have started a Facebook page:

This saga is far from over, let us be in prayer. Pastor Paul Holt has more here:





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