The Word for The Day: Peace is not passive, peace is active


Peace………..Peace is not passive, peace is active—-it is positive, motivating, exhilarating. From Charles Stanley

A person can be bold, determined, and have a driving energy to reach God-given goals and never once shout at other
people., throw a tantrum, cry, hit anything, or even clench a fist. A person can feel relaxed, have a quiet confidence, and be at peace, and not be the least bit lazy. A peaceful person is not necessarily a person who compromises
with evil in any form it may take. Just remember that evil takes on many forms. That is why we need the
discernment of our Lord.
Are you Misinterpreting? Sometimes it is easy to become upset and lose our peace when we feel we have
been misunderstood. Do you ever feel rejection when somebody voices something you interpret as criticism?
It is not easy, but if you are committed to living in peace with others, be willing to recognize that it is not
difficult to misread the intent of other people’s words and actions.
In other words, the road to peace is often paved with the spirit of giving other’s the benefit of your doubt! I know this can be tough! This can lead you to you saying “thank you” to someone for his correction rather than assuming
the individual did not have your best interest in mind when he corrected you. The writer of Proverbs said, “As
iron sharpens iron so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” 27:17
Taken from Charles Stanley’s book, “Finding Peace”dovepace

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