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Are you undecided, or perhaps unsure how to vote? You MUST see this video and please share!



ABQ, THIS IS LATE-TERM ABORTION.  Despite the distractions and rhetoric about women’s health, the reality is that women are being told to deliver their dead baby into a toilet — without the supervision of a doctor, nurse or even within a medical facility.  THIS IS NOT WOMEN’S HEALTH,  THIS IS A DISGRACE TO WOMEN AND CHILDREN. 



Watch this video and hear for yourself!





Hear what experts in the field of late-term abortion and fetal pain have to say.  


Don’t listen to unqualified, ideological statements from just anyone about the medical facts–especially a retired General Family Medicine Doctor with no professional experience in the matter. 



Need more proof? 


At a Public Forum in Albuquerque on Friday, Dr. Anthony Levatino — New Mexico OB/GYN and former late-term abortionist who provided his expert testimony in front of the U.S. House on the issue of 20 week abortion and beyond — commented on this video,   

These people who care about women are telling her to deliver a 7 month pregnancy in a hotel room, in a toilet, with no medical attending at all. No nurse, no doctor. These are the people who ‘care about women’ . . . They’re lying when they’re talking about this being safer. They’re lying when they say that they care about women — when they tell them to deliver 7 month babies on toilets. DO SOMETHING. Please, this is your chance.”


Believe it or not, Albuquerque, this is just the tip of the iceberg. More facts and reasons why you should vote FOR this ordinance on behalf of women and children to come . . . stay tuned!


View Dr. Levatino’s expert testimony of the horrors of late-term abortion by clicking on the link below.  


In addition to Dr. Levatino, Dr. Steffan Brown, a University of New Mexico physician completing a fellowship in maternal-fetal medicine has also voiced his support FOR this ordinance. Brown, who performs minimally invasive procedures with fetuses at UNM Hospital, stated that he uses painkillers on both mothers and fetuses to improve outcomes of these life-saving fetal surguries.




“Do something. Please, this is your chance.”



Please forward this urgent message to your family and friends. Albuquerque voters must understand what late-term abortion is and it’s dangers to women and brutality toward children!Regards,
Elisa Martinez
Executive Director
Protect ABQ Women & Children 
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