Peace is not passive, peace is active


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Your help doesn’t come from what you have or don’t have nor what you know or don’t know. Your help comes from GOD, which made Heaven and Earth. Fjesustodayrom Bible Based Quotes
For those of you in Albuquerque that are eligible to vote in today’s election, we pray that you stand in the gap for God on the sanctity of life and vote FOR the late term abortion ban, A vote FOR is a vote for life, a vote for God.prayer link with GodprayersaturdayWe here at FGGAM are in constant prayer that this ban on late term abortion in the City of Albuquerque will become law this day.
And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.  Mark 16:10
 Praise God!
beth_moore1_640From Beth Moore’s Revelation study: “There is going to be a reckoning. It’s serious business. These judgments are the response of God’s holiness to persistent and impenitent wickedness. He will respond. He will get to the point where He had had enough all He is going to take. Make no mistake: Righteousness matters! God help us if we pervert the doctrine of grace until we convince ourselves as a church and as an individual that righteousness does not matter. Repent, it does matter!”
For more on Beth Moore and her Ministry go here:
This morning we are praying over much, we are praying over Diana Navarre the lovely wife of Pastor Leonard. 
Diana is having Thyroid surgery this morning.
As you already read we are praying over the late term abortion ban vote in Albuquerque, we pray for 
approval of the ban.
We pray for our 14 year old doggie Buffy and a clean blood report!
I also would like you to please pray for Frank of Reserve, NM. As we were starting the service on Sunday, Frank
though he was having a stroke. The EMS were called. At last report Frank did not suffer a stroke and is stable. 
I am sorry I did not mention this yesterday. I called Deacon Charles to check on Frank’s condition last night.
We have been getting many cries for help from families, so many Mom’s needing help. So many have had
their husband  leave the family. Pray for us as we do our Godly best to help and line them up with a Pastor, a Body of Christ. the emails break my heart.
Pastor Paul Holt was told by Shirleen from San Antonio, New Mexico that they listen to him every Sunday
morning at 10am on KYRN 102.1 FM in Socorro. Shirleen told Pastor Paul that her family gathers around
the radio at 10am to hear the program each Sunday and it has brought her family much peace. Is not that such a wonderful story!!! PRAISE GOD!!
PRAISE GOD! For God’s Glory Alone! That is why God has us do radio programs.
You can listen to yesterdays “The World We Live In” on KDAZ AM730 right here:
We pray that it is a blessing to you and yours! Got a message from a 24 year old man, that said he really enjoyed the program yesterday.
We pray we reach more young people and their families!
I was talking to a store clerk yesterday that people seem very stressed, she said she sees it in customers and other
Peace………..Peace is not passive, peace is active—-it is positive, motivating, exhilarating. From Charles Stanley
A person can be bold, determined, and have a driving energy to reach God-given goals and never once shout at other
people., throw a tantrum, cry, hit anything, or even clench a fist. A person can feel relaxed, have a quiet confidence, and be at peace, and not be the least bit lazy. A peaceful person is not necessarily a person who compromises
with evil in any form it may take. Just remember that evil takes on many forms. That is why we need the
discernment of our Lord.
Are you Misinterpreting? Sometimes it is easy to become upset and lose our peace when we feel we have
been misunderstood. Do you ever feel rejection when somebody voices something you interpret as criticism?
It is not easy, but if you are committed to living in peace with others, be willing to recognize that it is not
difficult to misread the intent of other people’s words and actions.
In other words, the road to peace is often paved with the spirit of giving other’s the benefit of your doubt! I know this can be tough! This can lead you to you saying “thank you” to someone for his correction rather than assuming
the individual did not have your best interest in mind when he corrected you. The writer of Proverbs said, “As
iron sharpens iron so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” 27:17
Taken from Charles Stanley’s book, “Finding Peace”
For God’s Glory Alone in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, Paul, Jo and families
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