KRAMER’s Weather Report, 11/6/13…SNOW!


Kramer weatherdog final

Woofs and waggles, KRAMER the Weather Dog here!

SNOW!! Well, NOT at my house…grrr. I guess my snow took a more northerly track and ended up in Minnesota!!!

Becky M snow

Thanks to my human friend Becky McMoil in Buffalo, Minnesota for sharing this snowy scene with FGGAM!

I keep looking for paw prints in the that glorious white stuff, but don’t see any? I don’t get it? When it snows at my house, my brothers and I can’t wait to race through all the cold fluff. And, then, when Mom and Dad take us walking at the park, there are all kinds of tracks: human, rabbit….and I think we’ve even seen mountain lion tracks at the ball fields in the wild part of town. But I progress…or is that digress?

As for other weather…nothing much going on here in northern New Mexico but lots of sunny sunshine and a crisp cold morning warming to 55 later today. Looks like the Great Lakes area…up there by Canada…could be blustery. That bluster is heading toward the “head looking” part of the country….I think it’s called Maine.

Keep your animals safe . . . and make sure their water dishes don’t get frozen over. Actually, take them in your house if they are outdoor animals (again, this doesn’t apply to horses, cows and crazy goats . . . put them in a barn if necessary). Your doggies will appreciate warm digs, and extra attention from you.

Woof and out, KRAMER . . . reporting from Northern New Mexico, USA.

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