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Kramer weatherdog final

Woofs and heavy waggles this morning as I bring you the weather report for New Mexico. Even though today is suppose to be a bee-u-tee-full weather day around the Land of Enchantment with mild to cool temps and no storms expected today, there are storms in people’s lives.

I’m particularly sad and worried that one of my fur-cuzzins is missing in the southeastern part of the state. My uncle was walking Ruger and his sister when another, larger, dog came out of no where and attacked them. While sis, Diva, stayed somewhat close to her daddy, Ruger took off down a ditch. They haven’t seen him since and, bless their hearts, they looked for Ruger all night.

We are thankful for friends who helped look and are praying. We are also thankful that the temperatures, although chilly, are not bad freezing yet. Please join us in prayer if cuzzin Ruger pops into your mind . . . and pray for his people who are worried sick. IF IF IF you are in the Roswell, NM area, specifically in the north part of town (Tierra Berrenda/Berrendo road area is where he was last seen) pull out your HAWK EYES and let me know if you see him. Here’s what he looks like:


My heart is also heavy with those big bad storms that spawned around 50+ of those scary swirly storms called tornadoes. They hit around the Midwestern part of the country and killed 6 humans. I don’t know about animal casualties, but I know how scared my brother, Cooper, is of thunderstorms. From my research into those swirly storms, I’m pretty sure they are a LOT more loud and a LOT more scary. So pray for the people, the human kids, and fur babies who experienced these bad, loud storms and maybe even lost their homes.

So, back to the weather . . . be ready for changes around the state of New Mexico toward the end of the week and into the weekend. Temps will get much colder (with most dramatic drops in the northern part of the state with the south getting colder, but not AS chilly) and moisture expected in many parts of the state.

Woof and out . . . Kramer wishing everyone a great week and asking for prayers for cuzzin Ruger and his family, as well as those affected by those scary storms this past weekend.


  1. Along with prayers for all those in the Midwestern twisters, a special prayer for cuzzin Ruger. I pray they find him safe & sound.

    • Thanks for prayers, Mr. Rick! There was a possible sighting of Cuzzin Ruger by a shopping center west of where he was last seen. His mom and dad have some tracking dogs coming in from Denver. They love Cuzzin Ruger so much and the whole family appreciates your prayers. We are all hoping that the sighting WAS him and that the trackers will have a jumpstart on where to look.

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