Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

This Sunday at 11am I have been called to the Baptist Church in Reserve, New Mexico to preach. We have many friends in all parts of New Mexico, and if you live near Reserve we would love to see you! Please pray for my message this Sunday, that it be of God and not mine! Amen!
Please also pray for safe travel it is a total of 8 hours in the car.
We go where Jesus calls us to go, Amen!
Saturday night at Christ Full Deliverance Ministries in Rio Rancho, NM, I have the blessing to introduce Pastor Barbara Gould, Board Member here at FGGAM, Barbara is the featured speaker at a dinner to honor Sister Mable Lopez for all the years of her service to the Kingdom. It begins at 6pm. Please pray over this night, in Jesus name, Amen!
Please pray for the Philippines as that horrific storm hit’s. Also pray for the wedding of Justin and Paula today! in Jesus name, Amen!
This is a column that I do from time to time for FGGAM.ORG, I pray you are blessed!
www.fggam.org for more news and inspiration from a Biblical perspective.
For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey, Sharon, Paul, Jo and Families.
From time to time Pastor Dewey writes on his thoughts from his growing up in small town America in Windom, Minnesota. That is where hwindom thearteis Biblical foundation was built. He craves for all to have a Biblical foundation. The picture that is included in this post is in front of the Windom Theater. The citizens pulled together and re-opened the Theater, they refurbished it! Good ol’ small town America is a place of BIG things! They did it all through donations! Windom did the same thing with refurbishing the old High School and now it’s a Booming Community Center! Preserving History!
My partner here at FGGAM Pastor Paul Holt told me that the Billy Graham TV Special made him cry, me too! It moved me so, I was weeping because I saw the passing of America through Billy’s TV program. And sadly the passing of one of, if not, the greatest American ever and greatest Pastor of the World. But at age 95 as Pastor Paul said, “Billy still has it” I love Billy so much and what He has done for God,  America and the World. I also saw, the America that was. I  saw the Preaching that is missing so much in America. Nobody can preach it like Billy! The Cross, sin, repentance and forgiveness, salvation, freedom and on and on. When I look around at the present day Evangelist’s they are not so much preaching on what Billy has for all these years. It seems so many want to preach feel good messages, and the fact is Billy’s message is FEEL GOOD, the best feeling you can have is Jesus Christ with you. Today the majority of Pastor’s soft peddle God’s Word. This is one of the reasons why being a Christian in America now put’s you in the minority bracket. Nothing succeeds being soft peddled. last night after the special I switched to another Christian TV station and the Pastor was doing a fund raising event and he said “Call in now and pledge $300.00 and get your real estate promise” He was asking people to send in 300 bucks and receive the word from him that they would receive a real estate blessing! UGH! How awful! I thought that was very interesting to see the contrast of just viewing Billy Graham and then changing Christian channels and seeing some of these hucksters who show an unbelieving world what they want to see from Christians. I never did allow programming like that when I was in Christian radio, and if something slipped through the cracks like it did once in a great while, it was cancelled or warned. Maybe these Pastor’s and Ministries that do this type of thing should go on QVC instead!
Billy Graham preaches the Cross.
Go here for a report on Billy’s 95th Birthday party: Billy Graham’s 95th birthday celebrated with party in NC
Veterans Day is Monday. What does Veterans Day mean to you? My Dad, Wally Moede, SGT. U.S. Marines served in WWII with 6 of his brothers. My best friend Roger Carey of Windom, Minnesota was killed in the Vietnam War.
Read this letter from Rick Stambugh who served our Country in the Vietnam War. Rick is a hero of mine. He brings much out that makes me weep for the Country I  knew, watch the WWII video he has attached. I remember stopping in the town where the Will Rogers Museum is, Claremore, Oklahoma, and a lady in her 70′s cried when I was thanking her for preserving American history, she said she no longer recognizes America.
You see, we are in the shape we are in because we have, as a country, have disregarded God. That is the answer, there is always an answer why you are at, where you are at! BOY! I’m sounding like Will Rogers!!!! LOL LOL What a treasure Will was to the America people and the way he would communicate with the common folk like you and me. Sadly, many Americans do not know who Will Rogers was.
You see, we are lacking in America for someone that can communicate with the American people, Billy Graham could and still does, we received a record number of visits last night here at FGGAM with people searching for the TV program and reading the stories we have posted on the life of Billy. We need to be praying for a person to unite the American people, that is the bottom line.
Here is the letter from Rick Stambaugh Vietnam War Veteran……..dewey lars
A short story on film which was apparently lost until recently…
Very moving…
My father-in-law, Jim Lewis, sent me this and had to forward to HONOR all those veterans & actually, the entire U.S. citizenry who fought so hard to protect our freedom !!!…
My own father, Jim Stambaugh, was at an Army Air Base on top of the island during the Pearl Harbor attack and a very dear friend of ours, Janice Halloway (who recently passed on to Heaven) was a nurse at the Naval Hospital in Pearl Harbor during the attack also…   The Army Air Station my Dad was at was actually hit first while the Japanese aircraft were in route to Pearl Harbor and Janice was obviously overwhelmed with patients after the attack resulting in very long arduous hours attending to the injured…   A very very meaningful video to me !!!…
Mom, as Veterans Day approaches next week, please make sure Dad gets to see this !!!…
And Thank You Jim for sending this – what a treasure !!!…
I hope ALL enjoy !!!!!!…
1945 Lost Film
…we lived in the very best of times.  WeMUST  be very grateful~!!!!!!
This is not a movie, it is a shot of events that happened in 1945 when the troops heard the news of Japan’s surrender!  Beautiful footage!
LOST  FILM – Honolulu, 
August 14, 1945
 Thought you might like to see this – the greatest generation – that was then.
Great cars and you can see the beach, no hotels !!!!!
The long-awaited, much-deserved joy is very apparent here!
Great video of a Spontaneous Victory Parade in Honolulu in 1945. Take a look at this video-absolutely fabulous! Notice the cars and jeeps, youth. The guys in khaki or gray shirts and black ties are Navy officers or chiefs. The rest are Army or Marine. (Editor: some sailors also apparent!) How young they all were to do what they did.
This guy really captured a moment in history!
(You can listen to Jimmy Durante singing “I’ll be Seeing You”
in the background, too)
This is a super video of a time past – we need to remember and be THANKFUL.
Check out the color fidelity. It’s not bad for 1945.
Nothing will ever compare with Kodachrome film.
Click here for the video:

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