From Efland, North Carolina, the AWE of GOD


This picture comes from Evangelist and Author Karen Rowe of Hope in Today. Karen titled this picture, “So nice to see the whole gang back in the field again”! You can click on the picture to enlarge it. Look a those colors from Karen’s home in Efland, NC. I have had the blessing of spending a few days with Karen and her wonderful husband Rob and their children, it is such a quiet Godly place, WOW! Did I sleep well! We are so blessed to have the Rowe’s as awesome friends! By the way don’t forget you can read Karen’s postings right here at FGGAM. For God’s Glory Alone! Remember soak in the AWE of GOD, if we are not in AWE of GOD, we are in awe of ourselves. This picture also reminds me to have quiet time with the Lord and my family. Psalm 46:10…Be still for I am God. One final note, you can visit Karen here:


  1. I just read this again in 2019…Thank you again Dewey. So much has changed in our field, but God remains the same! Grateful to Jesus for the stillness of our soul! Unconditionally. Faith proves true.

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