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Written Special to FGGAM News and Inspiration by Pastor Don Kimbro
Belen, New Mexico is a small town south of Albuquerque that has seen better days in the past. Once a thriving railroad hub it is now an area with downtown buildings that have been boarded up or have been razed. Little mom and pop stores come and go along the Main Street like the four seasons. Nothing seems to stick for very long.
Companies that used to employ hundreds have moved on and the only light at the end of the tunnel for those who remain and want to work has been an hour’s drive north to Albuquerque and an hour’s drive back. Hundreds of houses are for sale and many have been abandoned as people have left for a better life somewhere else. Shrinking tax revenues have reduced city upkeep to a minimum. Sounds bleak doesn’t it?
Well, not so for a small group of Christians called Celebrate Belen and some local churches who have refused to give up. They have joined together with for the sole purpose of putting Christ back into Christmas this year in a big way. Many have seen this as an important step toward Belen’s recovery by honoring God and His Son Jesus Christ. Novel idea in public policy these days, wouldn’t you say?
The name Belen in Spanish means Bethlehem. So what a great idea to amplify the original Christmas story in downtown Belen this season for all the locals and their out of town friends to experience, as they take pride in their city once again by displaying the First Advent of Christ the Savior. There will be five blocks of live presentations along Becker Street with Christmas songs and lights and lots of refreshments, including hot chocolate, cookies and posole. It’s all free just as God’s gift of salvation through His only Son is free to us.
So “Follow the Star to Bethlehem” on December 14. It begins at 4:30 PM. You can take the Roadrunner, or drive your car and grab a shuttle when you get there, Enjoy a wonderful beginning to the season by putting Christ back into Christmas in Belen. The city is making a comeback and they know it all begins with Jesus.
For more information be sure and visit their website at   Follow the Star to Bethlehem.
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