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Kind words are like honey—-sweet to the soul; and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24
Let us pray, God, help us to recognize the lies of the evil one, reject the lies, and replace the lies with yourtruth truth. We stand on the promises of Your Word and refuse to listen to anything contrary to Your truth. In Jesus name, Amen!
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This is VERY INSPIRATIONAL! This, I am sure will touch your heart! This was posted in the CUP in 2008. I have been looking back over the years in the archives! What a blessing to have the technology we have for the Kingdom of God! We are into our 16th year of the Ministry of the Daily CUP! PRAISE GOD!   This was sent to us by our Dear Friend, David Standridge in 2008 and written by one of his good friends, Duncan Milloy. Duncan is a seasoned warrior who is very generous with his time, money and advice. He is a man who has fought through some tough battles and always has an encouraging word. Enjoy!
I have been contemplating the Word again, in particular how it applies to my life as a man . “As in, ok Father, what am I missing? (this time?) .” Immediately I’m reminded of the parable in Luke that Jesus uses to teach the grumbling Pharisees. Jesus constantly shows and teaches what the Kingdom of God is like, using small words, short sentences and illustrations that have amazing power and depth when studied a bit. Yes it’s a story, but one that reflects God’s own heart.
Luke 15:11-32 tells this story of the prodigal son and his father, a parable of the Love of God that is familiar the world over. Many know the tale, or at least have heard of it; the son comes to his senses after squandering his inheritance, returns home and is restored by his father, (much to the frustration of the older brother). Look closer at the father; it is in him that we have an excellent, practical model for living.
It’s important to note that I write “excellent and practical”, but not always easy. Verse 20: …but while the son was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion for him, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.
This was not his kidnapped son, his stolen son, his son returned from war or from a long perilous journey. This son is the son who took his share of his father’s estate and ran off, the son who left selfishly and who must have broken his father’s heart. Was it easy for the father to get over what the son had done? I don’t think so, for later in verse 24 the father states that the son was dead, that he had been dead and now come to life again.
The father : (verse 20, again) saw him, felt compassion for him, ran and embraced him, kissed him. He was a father who had already forgiven, who stood ready, watching for the opportunity to regain his son that was dead. The bible says that the father saw the son, when he was still a long way off. When he first came into view, the father was there. The father had trained his eye to be on the lookout…
I am just back from a paintball battle with some great friends from our church, and some new friends that had been invited. We were in a great site in the woods and weeds with lots of room to run and roam. We were in teams; we had each other’s backs. When one member was attacked, we would try to send reinforcements or run a flank to get the attacker. It’s hard for me to see in the thick brush. My eye isn’t as trained to see through the maze, to find my teammate or the aggressor.
Sometimes I can’t tell where the shots are coming from, I can only see them landing too close to, or worse, on my buddy. Often he will yell out for help, yell where the attack is coming from. Sometimes he just hunkers down, though, quiet and low, in fear of taking a lethal shot. Or he’s so busy getting shot at, he has no time to yell, or I can’t hear him from all the sound of fire. I need to find the attacker, I need to run to teammate’s aid, or I need to lay down a lot of covering fire. I know I have to be trained to see what’s going on, train my eye to see beyond the thicket in front of me, expose myself to be able to fire the weapon that saves my buddy’s “life”.
The father had his eye trained. Looking out for his son, he saw him “while he was still a long way off”. I have been hurt like the father in the parable, many times, by a friend or family member. I don’t yet have the vision I need to be able to see those people ready to return to me while they are still a long way off. I can’t always see out from my thicket, not well enough to tell when a friend is under attack, can’t always hear his cry for help.
But I pray. I pray that my vision develop, that my ears become sensitive to discern the calls of help from the din of the attack. I pray that I will be able to see, and to know, and to help those in need. As a father, a friend, a brother, a warrior, I pray that I will be able to see, hear, feel, run, embrace, and fight for those in need. Therein, my Heavenly Father might be glorified, that the Father’s will be done, according to His Word given to us by Christ Jesus. It is in His name that I pray, Amen.
WOW! Gory be to God! AMEN! What Words! I wept as I read the story.
I invite you to go to our media center and listen to the sermon I preached Sunday at the Baptist Church in Reserve, NM:
For our Albuquerque Readers:
For Albuquerque Voters we face such a very important vote on Late Term Abortion, we must VOTE FOR THE MEASURE TO END LATE TERM ABORTION , Sharon and I did yesterday.
Please read through this and then send an email to all the local TV stations, KASA, KOB, KRQE, KOAT, Radio station 770KKOB, and The Albuquerque Journal. You all are web savoy so you can get this done.
We have just noticed that all the local television stations and the newspaper 
are referring to the upcoming election issue as the "Proposed Late Term Abortion 
Ban".  That is not the name of the proposal, and we feel that title unfairly 
paints the issue in favor of the other side!

The proper title is the "Pain Capable Child Protection Ordinance".  Say those 
two titles out loud, and see if you don't think there is a major difference in 
the way it sounds. This could make a major difference in how those undecided 
voters feel about this very important issue!

We suggest a grass roots campaign, to contact each individual TV station and 
newspaper, expressing our concerns and asking a few pointed questions.  Why are 
they not using the actual title of the proposal?  Why have they given it a 
nickname, or a title of their own making? Do they have a problem in calling the 
proposal, by it's official name?

Each organization has a local website. Go to each of them, and click on the 
contact information. Write your email individually. Mass emails, all with the 
exact same wording, will not be effective.
Dozens of emails, all on the same subject, but coming from individuals, will 
have a much bigger impact.  Time is very short!  It may take several days for 
the individual stations to respond, and change the wording in their reporting. 
The election is only days away.  This one act by you could make a major 
difference in a number of voters minds.
God Bless you all!
Read more about the battle to end late term abortion in Albuquerque here:
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  1. Just submitted to them all Pastor!!! Good catch – a little but potent error! As a note – when you go into the Journal website you can A: submit a letter to the editor which ‘SHOULD’ be published in the paper (we’ll see) and B: go to the news section and you can select a reported in specific and the news directors email address will pop up. I DID BOTH!
    And get those emails out!!!

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