A Word about Janice Arnold Jones and Election Night


Yesterday I placed a call to me Dear friend Janice Arnold Jones. I do not like making calls after someone I think should win hands down, loses an election. I remember calling my friend David Standridge after his loss, no fun. It is sad to see such Godly intelligent people not be elected in New Mexico and the people go to the “business as usual” mode. Janice was running to retain her seat on the Albuquerque City Council, it did not happen. Janice was hit by a dirty campaign against her, everything from photos of her that were photo shopped to statements about her that are not true. In District 7 of Albuquerque they elected a pro-choice candidate. Diane Gibson did not support the late term abortion ban like Janice did.  District 7 selected death over life, in more ways than one.  The Democrats ran an ugly campaign against Janice, plain and simple. The Democrats got what they wanted in Albuquerque election night, abortion and the majority on the City Council. I have known Janice for years, she has always been available to me for interviews on KKIM Radio, KAZQ TV, The Daily CUP and at FGGAM. We don’t always agree on everything, and that is healthy, but she always answered the question’s and stuck to her guns. My wife Sharon would always tell me, you ask Janice some tough questions and put her on the spot! But you know what? Janice would not bat an eye, she would answer the question. She told me yesterday that she has the people’s business to do in her final days as a Councilwomen and will do that to her very best, and she will remain in the fight for the betterment of New Mexico.

Not only did Dist. 7 lose election night, so did the State of New Mexico.janice

New Mexico has got to get with it and elect the light and not the darkness when it goes into the voting booth.

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