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Today we set sail for jolly old England to tell this tale, but before we do we have to ask… If you had saved 669 children from World War II could you keep it a secret? This man did. Meet Sir Nicholas Winton of Hampstead, London England. And on the eve of the Second World War he organized the rescue…

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After serving (1957-1961) a peace time tour in the United States Marine Corps, I served with the New Mexico State Police (1964-1985). My career with the New Mexico State Police ended when I retired as commander of its criminal division at the rank of captain. I have lived in Edgewood, New Mexico since 1985. When Edgewood was incorporated, I was elected as one of five governing body members. Since then, except for a two year period, I have continued to serve on the Edgewood town council. I am a member of Valley View Christian Church in Edgewood and I enjoy volunteer work of just about any kind, whether through my church or my community. I am a passionate Pro-Life advocate, and a Christian that believes Jesus was involved in politics, and we (Christians) should follow Christ in ways pleasing to Him and our LORD.

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