The World We Live In Radio Program starts today on KYRN 102.1 FM in Socorro, NM at 10am


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Starting TODAY, October 20th at 10am, on Socorro’s KYRN 102.1 FM, will air “The World We Live In”. As always we will be looking at the news from a biblical perspective. Pastor Paul Holt of First Baptist Church of Magdalena, NM will tackle three topics this Sunday.

First, the government “shutdown” has ended, but the congress has allowed unlimited borrowing by suspending the debt ceiling. Does the bible have anything to say about the debt of a nation? The answer is yes.

Second, in the wake of the shutdown the EBT system failed last weekend. When it came back up the system did not have an upper limit. There was a run on at least two Wal-Mart stores in Louisiana. What have government programs like Food Stamps done to our country and to our families?

Third, as our families move away from Christian values we see stories like what happened in Florida. A twelve year old girl committed suicide after a year of bullying from a fourteen year old girl that was “dating” the same boy. Should parents limit the use of social media, dating and many of the things we are allowing such young children to do?

Finally, are these things related? They are related. Because as we move away from the Lord, greed and self interest move in and destroy who we are as a people.

Tune in this Sunday morning at 10am on KYRN 102.1 FM to hear “The World We Live In”. If you are not able to join us, the audio will be up soon on

Of course, in the Albuquerque area, you can listen Mondays at noon on KDAZ am 730 with Paul and Dewey. You can listen on line live to AM 730 right here on the FGGAM web site.

If you are interested in having our programming aired in your area please email Pastor Dewey at

Please pray for us as the Lord has shown us to expand, we have interest in Minnesota right now that we are praying over.

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