The Quote of the Day: Do you hear the Lord?


billy graham 3I have never heard the voice of the Lord audibly, but the Lord has spoken to me many times throughout my life. You might ask, “How can someone recognize His voice?” The Bible says, “Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice” John 18:37 nkjv. To recognize the voice of the Lord, we must belong to Him. Billy Graham

Amen to those words!

From Pastor Dewey:

I hear the Lord daily! When I don’t, I stop and listen for Him. The Holy Spirit is our messenger and comforter. This struggle we are having in our country is because too many do not know the Lord.

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  1. I’ve come to learn & firmly believe the LORD is constantly talking to us. No, not audibly, as stated above, but you can feel it in your heart & soul when HE does so. When you’re not hearing him, it’s because you’re not listening or not following the words HE is giving you !!!

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