The Holy Spirit: Are you doing what God called you to do? Part 7

Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,
We love you all! I will be Preaching this Sunday at the Baptist Church in Reserve, NM. Service time is at 11am. The Church is located at 50 Main Street. If you live in that area I would love to meet you! For God’s Glory Alone!

Photo: Some kids used to tease me in school for watching this show it was part if my wonderful childhood
I just loved this show! It was part of my wonderful childhood in Windom, Minnesota, even thou some of my classmates would tease me for watching! Captain Kangaroo made it’s debut 58 years ago today! I am 57, I grew up with the Captain and Mr. Green Jeans! Mr.captian kangaroo
Moose and bunny rabbit! It seems like a simpler time in life, so many happy memories. Watching these other shows, Andy Griffith, Red Skelton and others….I pray that someone will andy griffith show
re- play the Red Skelton show yet!
Today I want to share with you this scripture and more about the Holy Spirit!
Dear friend of FGGAM and writer, Shona Neff sent me this scripture yesterday…….
It fits this day in America………
In Isaiah 43: 22-24 Pleading with Unfaithful Israel:
“Yet you have not called upon me, O Jacob, you have not wearied yourselves for me, O Israel.
You have not brought me sheep for burnt offerings, nor honored me with your sacrifices.
I have not burdened you with grain offerings nor wearied you with demands for incense.
You have not brought any fragrant calamus for me, or lavished on me the fat of your sacrifices.
But you have burdened me with your sins and wearied me with your offenses”
Thank you Shona for this timely Word of God……His Word is always true and timely.
America Bless God!shona
Why does God send the Holy Spirit to dwell within you and me as believers in Christ Jesus? asks Dr. Charles Stanley. There are two main reasons :
First, the Holy Spirit enables and empowers us to be witnesses of Christ Jesus to a lost and dying world.
Second, the Holy Spirit enables and empowers us to do the ministry of Christ Jesus in our service to other believers  AMEN! 
That is also my testimony to you! WOW! The Ministry of FGGAM is not of me and Sharon, nor Pastor Paul Holt, Jo Holt and all others who help us… is of God! Amen! The Holy Spirit guides us each day, empowers us each minute! 
And then when we feel we are out of alignment a bit, we stop and pray and listen. 
Just think at the last poll I looked at, around 50% of Christians did not believe in the Holy Spirit. Well, I have to say if you do not believe in the Holy Spirit you are not a Christian. If you need help with that please email me 
We are all called to be witnesses.
Jesus said:
You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem  and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Acts 1:8
No everyone is called to be a Preacher, Missionary, Evangelist, or Bible Teacher. Some are called to be a businessman, fireman, teacher, Governor, Congressman, etc…..
God calls people to fill every niche of society with His presence and power. It is in the manner that we truly become “leaven in the loaf” of the world—-evenly distributed into every aspect of society so that we might influence the whole of this world for Jesus Christ! 
God just showed me as I was writing this is that one of the problems we have here on earth many are doing a work that they were not called to do! They have not heard from God and are creating Chaos! They do not hear God. That is why we go forth everyday encouraging people to have a close personal relationship with God so that they can hear from Him, our messenger, our comforter, is the Holy Spirit
For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and family

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