The First Snow of the Season,Snowing in Denver, Blizzards in South Dakota and Wyoming


snow in denverSnow is falling in the Denver area this morning. These pictures are from our daughter-in-law Natasha. Her and Greg live on the south side of the Mile High City. Much of the west is getting wild weather today. And we have the hurricane situation in the south.

Blizzards rolled into parts of Wyoming and South Dakota on Friday, bringing the snow-savvy states to an unseasonably early winter standstill and even forcing a tourist town to cancel its annual Octoberfest’s polka-dancing bar crawl.

A foot of snow had fallen in western South Dakota’s scenic Black Hills by early Friday, though residents were bracing for as much as 3 feet of snow and wind gusts of up to 70 mph. The storm system also spawned a tornado in Nebraska, blanketed Colorado’s northern mountains with snow and was threatening to push strong thunderstorms as far east as Wisconsin.

It’s a cold windy day in Albuquerque, they say it will be a bit warmer  for tomorrow’s start of the Balloon Fiesta! But very chilly in the morning hours! Some of the stores already have Christmas items out! snow in denver 2

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