Small Town Working Class Views: Could Political newcomer be the next Gov. of New Mexico?


In this edition of Small Town Working Class Views, Pastor Dewey takes a look at the race for Governor in New Mexico, Santa Fe Businessman Alan Webber’s run for Governor, The Roundhouse, Atty. Gen. Gary King, Albuquerque School Supt. Winston Brooks, the Late Term Abortion Vote in Albuquerque, Tip O’Neill, Ronald Reagan and more……P.S. That cover photo is of the Cottonwood County Courthouse in Windom, Minnesota, Pastor Dewey’s hometown that remains very special to him. It is where his foundation for life was built.dewey lars

One of the blessings I have is being out among the people of New Mexico in my travels. I have found  people to be very disgusted, even mad, with both the Democratic and Republican parties. They are also disgusted that the state remains near number one in everything you do not want to be number one in and last in everything you don’t want to be last in. That is what the common folk of New Mexico are thinking. The current Governor, like it or not has not changed New Mexico much at all. You can blame that on anything you like, the Democrats in the Roundhouse or whatever, But many are disgusted that she is spending time out of the state raising funds for her campaign and not paying attention to what is going on at home. Perception is everything. New Mexico is suffering, just like all of the United States of America, and not getting any better.

So I found it very interesting that it was announced this week that a Political newcomer is jumping in to run for Governor of New Mexico, and I have to say if he is serious about this run, he could be New Mexico’s next Governor.

When people are mad, anything can happen in the voting booth.

Alan Webber is his name, a Progressive Democrat who has lived in Santa Fe for 10 years. He has lot’s of money to spend. Lot’s of TV, radio, Billboards, mailers, etc….for his campaign.

Weber co- founded a business journal and sold it for $365 million. Before that he was editorial director of the Harvard Business Review.

Stuart Dyson, of KOB TV quotes Webber saying, “Our state is in trouble, were dealing with a lack of jobs, were dealing with schools that don’t produce the kind of education our kids need. I feel like it’s time to get in and try to make a difference.”

We have heard that tune from both Republicans and Democrats time and time again, but the Roundhouse is in gridlock.

Who can be a game changer for this state?

Many were hoping it would be Governor Martinez, but not much has changed in New Mexico, many think things are worse, since she became Governor, a point that will be hammered home by the Democrats.

The one thing that has decreased under Governor Martinez is corruption in state government. She has made Richardson’s pig pen a perfume factory.

There have been charges against the Governor, yes I know, like the Albuquerque Downs situation, which has discouraged many of her strong supporters in her handling of that situation.

Also many like myself are disappointed in the Governor in her lack of leadership on same sex marriage. She should and still could, hold the County Clerks accountable to state law.

Unless the Governor and the Republican party can show results to the people of New Mexico, her run for re-election may be much tougher than many think.

No other Republican has announced any intention of running against Gov. Martinez. No surprise there, as they would get the slap down from Party heads.

As far as the other Democrats who have announced they are running for Governor besides Webber, are Attorney General Gary King, who has been such a huge disappointment to many in his handling of corruption in the state, the same sex marriage issue and just his silence on major crime matters that the Attorney General should lead on, others are State Senator Howie Morales of Silver City and State Senator Linda Lopez of Albuquerque.

I am praying that a leader will emerge in this County and in the state of New Mexico, to bring us back together as one, as close to one as we can get, to help bring us back to Biblical principles on which this Country was founded on.

The Lord has me thinking of Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan. many do not know that history as the demographics change in our country, but those two came together for the better of the Country.

What we see in D.C. and Santa Fe is an embarrassment. The President of the United States is now an extreme embarrassment. he has no business being President of the United States. To see the so called leader of America having to defend a web site is just plain ugly!

Our enemies are watching this meltdown of leadership.

In Santa Fe at the Roundhouse we see Democrats and Republicans unwilling to work together for the betterment of the people, just like in D.C.

It is so bad that in Albuquerque, I can’t figure out this Supt. of Schools, Winston Brooks for the life of me, he has me confused, he re-tweets an ugly picture of the Governor and Sec. of Education! Why would the leader of the Albuquerque Schools do such a thing? Where is his mind? Will he be disciplined?

When you vote to ban late term abortion in Albuquerque please make sure and read the ballot carefully, it is worded a bit tricky.

Please join me in constant prayer for the United States of America to Bless God.


  1. The worse thing that could happen is to have another Richardson type. I don’t know him, nor have I previously heard of Alan Webber, but I’m inclined to reject him, just because of his party.

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