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Just plain crazy things that are going on in our World!

Preaching in rural New Mexico helps keep me grounded in God and His people. And meeting people one on one……common folk, like you and me, people who feel that their voice is no longer heard by our government and so called leaders, and I stress SO CALLED!The World We Live In

Here are some thoughts……

A friend posted a video of this secular comedian, Jon Stewart and this guy makes all sorts of fun of the President. If the President has lost these guys, he’s lost all.

The President looked foolish in his Press Conference yesterday trying to hock his healthcare and web site. A bad state of affairs for our country. An embarrassment for our Country, a horrible testimony for America.

And then having a pregnant women standing behind him in the sun who is diabetic and she almost falls to the ground! Health care?

We are to be the brightest and most technical advanced nation in the world and our President can’t even get his web site to work, It is one of the  most embarrassing moment’s in the history of the United States, launching a major, major plan, that most American’s don’t want and it crashes and burns at lift off.

If I didn’t know any better I would think I was watching a skit on Saturday Night Live! But, it is the world we live in!

The President has lost all credibility in the world.

This President needs to be impeached, purely because of incompetence.

Congress, both Democrats and Republicans have lost all trust. late yesterday I was in our little hardware store down the street and the folks were sharing their disgust with me about Congress. They are down right mad at the damage these people are doing to the Greatest nation in the history of the world, or at least we were!

The President and Congress make America look foolish.

You think that Terrorists and other enemies are not looking at this?

All this incompetence means the United States economy will continue to struggle. People are very concerned and cautious with their money and rightly so.

Other thoughts…………

How come the Republicans cannot get a strong Christian to run against Michelle Lujan Grisham for the 1st Congressional District seat? Are they conceding this race already? Yes I know that former Albuquerque City Councilor Mike McEntee has announced he is running. The Republicans, including the Governor did not back Dan Lewis and Janice Arnold Jones the way they should had when they ran against Grisham. Pastor Dan Lewis dropped out of the race when the party did not put punch behind him, I believe Dan saw that the Republican party was not serious  about winning. If the Republicans would have backed Heather Wilson, including the Governor, who was weak in her support until the final days, Heather would have beaten, what’s his name?(Martin Heinrich) A guy who has no business being in Washington D.C. It shows how weak the Republican party is when they can’t beat Heinrich.

How about a Jesus Party?  Christian Party? I don’t know, all I know I am very tired of the Republican Party! America needs a strong third Party!

More crazy stuff…….

The Bernalillo County Treasurer Manny Ortiz refuses to meet with the County Commissioners. Say what? He is an elected official to represent the people and he will not meet with the Commissioners who are elected by the people to represent us. They are at a stand off on budget and investment matters. This is crazy stuff, we saw how far the stand off in D.C. got us…..and these folks can’t get together? Meanwhile the County can’t pay some of it bills on time!

Inexcusable behavior!!!

And then this!

Aarons, a Rent-to-Own Company with operations in Albuquerque reached a settlement with the FTC over allegations that some of it’s franchises secretly installed spyware on its customers computers!

It seems to me that much of this country has gone mad!

We lack solid Biblical based leadership!

Let us continue to pray for the Sanctity of Marriage in this Country and in New Mexico. Today The New Mexico Supreme Court takes up the same sex marriage issue.

And then……….well I think that is enough for today! LOL LOL!

Oh ONE MORE THING to cap today off…….the Icing on the cake, there is talk among the Teachers Union in Albuquerque about a STRIKE!


That is the World we live in………..

For more from Pastor Dewey read his post: America Bless God


  1. ‘Obama-Care’, ‘Demo-Care’, (UN)”Affordable Care Act”; what ever you may want to title it, I firmly believe is failing by the hand of GOD Himself. I firmly stand that it is His works in (maybe) one last attempt to get us to wake up to what is happening to us & our country and to start PAYING ATTENTION !!!
    Hopefully, that may even help in getting GOD back into our lives, society, schools & government which we so very very desperately need !!!
    I’d certainly pray for & vote for: ‘The Jesus Party’ !!!
    As my Pastor says: AMERICA – BLESS GOD !!!

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