Quote of the Day: Pastor Paul Holt: Lift up your hands……


paul holt 3Lift up your hands, Your Holy hands, Holy means set apart, set apart from the world. If we have Holy hands we set ourselves apart from the world and use our hands to do the work of God. Pastor Paul Holt

I praise God for Pastor Paul. I went to Magdalena, NM yesterday to hear him preach at his church, the Baptist Church of Magdalena! POWERFUL message! You can hear more from Pastor Paul today at Noon on AM 730 KDAZ, you can listen on line right here from the FGGAM website. Also we invite you to attend the FGGAM, “This is the World we live in” Conference Oct. 15th at the Santa Fe Church of God. Please check the front page of our web site for all the details.

It’s all about God, God is the answer for all questions, God is it!

Today we give special thanks to ALL THE PASTOR’s that have touched my life, the life of me and Sharon, our family that have helped guide us through the first year here at FGGAM! We love you all, and thank the Lord for you extra special during the month of October which is Pastor Appreciation Month! Amen!

Also read this, Violent crime in New Mexico and the Churches role: https://fggam.org/violent-crime-in-new-mexico/

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