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Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

After you have a CUP with us this morning, please head to for more news and inspiration. Tomorrow the New Mexico Supreme Court addresses same sex marriage. KOAT TV
is streaming live the proceedings starting at 9am Wed. morning. Let us be in prayer for the sanctity of marriage, in Jesus name, Amen! 
My wife and I have traveled to China and Brazil and have seen the love of Jesus in people, their hunger for the Word of God, their hunger to know God more. Then we come back to America and look at the state of our country and we get depressed. Told to me by Charles McCargish Deacon of Baptist Church in Reserve, NM
A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education. President Theodore Roosevelt
Amen to those words! I have been told I resemble President Roosevelt! LOL LOL! I pray that I resemble his character! What a Godly man! Knowledge of the Bible, Amen!
Yesterday I talked about going slow, slow down in our Preaching, Teaching, sharing, modern technology… people can absorb, so it can stick to the ribs!!! like oatmeal!! LOL LOL, stick to the heart, soul, and mind, Amen! I don’t care if people call me an old fuddy duddy! 
It’s like we are in AWE of ourselves with all this technology and modern day worship, instead of daily being in AWE of GOD! AMEN! When we are not in AWE of GOD, we become in AWE of OURSELVES!
You see it right now in America, many in AWE of OBAMACARE and MODERN TECHNOLOGY and this super dupper OBAMACARE WEB SITE TO SAVE AMERICA HEALTHCARE, GOD IS NOT IN IT SO IT CRASHES AND BURNS! With all the money Washington D.C. can buy and the sharpest government technology it still crashed and burned. 
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Here read this from Ras this morning:
October 22, 2013. Many are feeling as though the enemy of their soul has attacked. Job felt this very strongly near the end of his ordeal between Satan and God. Even his friends turned against him. Their words blow a strong and steady wind to terrify you. Many in this land of plenty are going without. Dignity is being robbed. There is no end to it that you can see. You need to stir up your faith. Reading and meditating the Scriptures pays handsome dividends. Read slowly and often, making notes of the revelations God gives. Trust and obey.
Job 30:15 (KJV) “Terrors are turned upon me: they pursue my soul as the wind: and my welfare passeth away as a cloud.” Ras RobinsonRas
You see where Ras says to slow down……… the Bible slowly and often. 
Problems always arise when people gather together in their own wisdom apart from God’s power and presence.
I look around and I see this in too many places, where God is absent, in homes, churches, schools, businesses, government  etc….
Instead of waiting as God commands us, people gather together and attempt to do something to
satisfy themselves. What only God can provide is substituted with a temporary counterfeit. 
if God is not at the HEAD, whatever it is will fail.
Meetings are useless if God is not at the HEAD! 
This is what has happened over the years in America: We have served God in the image we have made.
People have filtered God’s Word and commands through their own thinking.
I see it all over America, this present day thinking has resulted in the America we live in today. Chaos.
Whether we like it or not, we have Chaos, from our healthcare web site, government  , to our finances, to same sex marriage, to abortion, to corruption, divorce, church splits, murder, failing schools, war, hate,  and etc…..
Many are not filled with the Holy Spirit, the wisdom and truth of God.
God is the answer. The only answer.
America as a whole no longer looks at things from a Biblical perspective, Christians are a minority.
I want you to do what Teddy Roosevelt and Ras suggested, spend time in your Bible today and all
days and I want you today to read about OCCUPYING UNTIL JESUS RETURNS! I want you to read about the GREAT COMMISSION,
I want you to read about being SALT AND LIGHT! 
I was asked the other day a question by a man who is becoming a Pastor, and I told him to search and find God’s answer, it is in the Bible.
That will save souls! 
You see there is no political solution to America’s problems, it is God, and I will Preach that till I die.
Value each day, each person, we here at FGGAM, our calling by God is to bring the light of Jesus Christ
to one person at a time……to not be in a hurry, not after the glamour, not part of the world, we will
travel far to share Jesus right here in our own United States of America which is a mission field for Jesus Christ, one person at a time. 
One person at a time. Church it’s time to take off the Hollywood, and get our hands dirty! 
For God’s Glory Alone in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and Family
One person at a time! 
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Thank you,
Dewey Moede

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