Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston visits with injured Deputy Robin Hopkins


Statement from Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston: I was able to meet with Deputy Robin Hopkins for a few minutes this morning. She remains very upbeat and strong. She also clearly understands the seriousness of her injury and condition at this time. She wanted me to make it very clear to all of you of her belief in prayers and her request for your continued prayers for her and the other officers who were wounded. She asked me to share that Doctor’s have advised she will be there for a minimal of 30 days. Visitation is family only at this time. Please send flowers and cards to 423 6th st. NW. The BCDSA Union will handle them from there. A trust for Robin has been set up and you can get that information at Thanks for all your support please share this with your friends. Sheriff Dan Houston

Pastordan houston 2wounded deputy Dewey: Let us be in constant prayer for the healing of Robin, we pray this in Jesus name, Amen!

Let us also continue to pray for the three injured APD officers for complete healing, in Jesus name, Amen!

Ofc. Matthew Hannum was hospitalized and later released.

Ofc. Eric Martinez  was treated on the scene.

Ofc. Daniel Morales remains in the hospital and is recovering.

Praise God, all are on the road to recovery!Also let us be thankful for the Godly leadership of Sheriff Dan Houston! I am also very touched by Robin’s request for continued prayer.


  1. God, please spread your healing over these warriors and provide them & their families with your comfort! Having a brother who retired from the Dallas Fire Department as a paramedic and another brother, who passed last year, who served in the Sherriff’s Dept. there in addition to my wife’s nephew’s wife who serves in the Nashville TN Police Dept., I can easily understand their dedication to OUR protection. Everyone calls them ‘First Responders’; I call them HERO’s. Every day of their lives at work are spent placing their lives in the line of fire and harms way to provide us with peace & security. Please give a prayer for Robin and the three APD officers injured in Saturdays horrific incident. Thank You all, and Thank You to all those who serve us!!!
    rick stambaugh
    U.S. Navy Retired

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