Beautiful New Mexico!


Reserve 2I had the extreme blessing today of Preaching at the Baptist Church in Reserve, New Mexico, which is about 20 miles from the Arizona border.  What great people of God! I will be going back a couple of times it looks like in November to Preach again. Salt of the earth folks. One of the elders of the Church, about 75 years old told me the story of his grandfather, who was the blacksmith in the village and would shoe the circuit preachers horse when he would come to the area and also put him up for a week while he would visit area churches! A great story from the past. I love visiting the rural communities of New Mexico! The history of the Church is rich! I am so very blessed by my visits. Pray for the Churches in rural Reserve New Mexico America! These pictures were taken just outside of Reserve today! WOW! PRAISE GOD FOR HIS CREATION! HIS COLORS!

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