Albuquerque Mayor Berry Romps to Victory, Arnold Jones may Face runoff


Berry1Albuquerque Mayor Berry made history yesterday by getting about 68 percent of the vote to romp his competition. Republican Berry wins a second term and avoids the need for a runoff election. The 68 percent is the highest percentage of any mayoral candidate has received in the first round of voting since the Duke City’s current form of government began in 1974.

Mayor Berry’s main opponent Pete Dinelli came off as an angry man, and I think people are very tired of ANGRY! yesterday when I voted frustration was voiced by voters to me about our leaders being ANGRY!

Democrat Isaac Benton won the election of the incumbents in District 2 and the District 7 incumbent Janice Arnold Jones, who was appointed to the Council after Micheal Cook resigned because of drunk driving charges (later dismissed) may be facing a runoff.

I am puzzled by the Political fortunes of Janice Arnold Jones. Since she left the New Mexico Legislature, she has lost her bid’s for Governor and Congress. Now she is fighting for her appointed seat on the Albuquerque City Council. Arnold Jones has got to be one of the most intelligent Politicians in the state of New Mexico. She brought reform and fiscal management to the Roundhouse. Why does she struggle to win?

The  District 7 city council race isn’t settled yet.

With 50 of 50 vote centers reporting, Janice Arnold-Jones holds a lead over Diane Gibson by a margin of 49.26% to 39.48%.

City rules state that if no candidate has over 50 percent of the vote, a runoff election must take place.

All other incumbents won their seats……District 9’s Don Harris, and District 5’s Dan Lewis, both won by large numbers.

So to recap: Mayor Berry wins reelection.

Council seats go to:  Democrat Ken Sanchez ran unopposed in District 1, Democrat Issac Benton won District 2 with 62.3% of the vote in District 3 Democrat Klarissa Pena won with 56.4% of the vote, In District 5 Pastor Dan Lewis who is also the Council President and Republican gathered 66.5% of the vote, District 7 Janice Arnold Jones did not get the required 50%,she may be facing a runoff as we stated at 49.3%. Jones is a Republican. In District 9 Republican Don Harris won 63.2% of the vote.

The balance of Democrats and Republicans is a little different on the Council this morning. A Lot is in the balance with the potential runoff, in District 7.

I do not like this runoff law. What do you think? If a candidate get’s the majority votes, should they not win?

All City Bonds passed.

Here is the Press Release from Mayor Berry camp last night:

Albuquerque Makes History, Re-elects Mayor Berry

Berry first Mayor ever re-elected with 50% of the vote and first mayoral candidate to receive more than 50% without run-off

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Mayor Richard Berry, who came into office during challenging times with federal budget cuts and a national recession, avoided a runoff Tuesday night and became the first Mayor ever re-elected with more than 50% of the vote and the first mayoral candidate in Albuquerque’s history to receive more than 50 percent of the vote in the first round of voting.Berry, who made history in 2009 when he became the city’s first Republican mayor in over two decades, centered his campaign around uniting Albuquerque and moving the city forward, building upon the accomplishments of his first four years in office.

Tonight, Albuquerque has spoken: We are united. And we choose to move our city forward together,” Mayor Berry said. “We faced some tremendous challenges when I first came into office. A national recession. Federal budget cuts. A $90 million budget shortfall. But together, we have turned a corner, and Albuquerque’s best days are ahead of us. The next four years is going to be about building upon our accomplishments of the last four years and moving the city forward.”

Under Mayor Berry’s leadership, Albuquerque’s economy continues to grow and improve, adding 7,200 jobs in the last year. The crime rate is at its lowest in 20 years. And the city is fiscally sound, overcoming $160 million in budget shortfalls.
Berry plans to use his next four years to build upon these accomplishments, including diversifying Albuquerque’s economy to help local businesses create more jobs, while also protecting the high quality of life in the city. 
“Tonight, our re-election campaign may have ended. But tomorrow, we begin a new campaign to move our city forward,” Berry said. “I’ve always said that Albuquerque’s best days are ahead of us. We’ve accomplished a great deal during our first term, but we still have work to do. I look forward to working together to continue making this city great.”

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