Stay The Course: Stepping Into Your Prophetic Destiny, Part Three







                                                          By Stephen Young  


Proverbs 16:9: We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. NLT


Part three of this “series” is “Understanding The Process Of Vision And Prophecy.” If you haven’t read parts one and two I encourage you to go back and read them as these all tie in together. Also, this series is based on what Kristen and I have experienced in our journey. Although these principles are rather general, you may have experienced something different. Every person’s course to their destiny has its own unique twist. I would be interested to hear some of the things you have experienced and the steps you had to take. Don’t hesitate to email me and tell me about your experience. My prayer is that some of you reading this are walking through your process and this is helping you each week.


When it comes to stepping into your destiny, walking in the promises of God, we have to first understand that the process you will go through in fulfilling a vision and prophetic word is a process that won’t happen overnight. That can be the hard part, the waiting part. What we have to do is understand that it is a process and learn through that time. It’s also important that we enjoy the process, even through difficult times, understanding that everything we go through, both good and bad, is part of the character building we need for our future destiny.


If you study those in the Bible that received prophecies over their life, look at how long the process was for them. There were prophecies about Jesus before He was ever born that He would be the savior of the world and look at how long that took. Again, the minute you come into agreement with the prophecy over your life, the process begins. The very first time Kristen and I received a prophecy spoken over us about our future we came into agreement with it and it’s a word that will last a lifetime. Pieces of it will be fulfilled as we continue on our course but I believe we will be able to look back at it years down the road and see where we are in the process of that prophetic destiny being fulfilled.


When it comes to our future and visions, God will tell us where we are going but rarely tells us exactly how He will take us there. For some people they have the whole thing mapped out, God has given them every little detail for years down the road, for others, it doesn’t happen that way. In this particular journey that we are on right now, we don’t have a whole lot of details. We have a broad vision of the future, we know where we are going, we know the plan God has for our lives but we don’t have all the fine details. We take a step as God directs us to and each time we take a step, He reveals another step to take. So, for us, it’s been a step by step process. That can sometimes be the hard part. We all, or at least most of us, like to know where we are going and how we are going to get there. Would you like to go on a vacation, know where you are going but have no idea how you’re going to get there? For me, the most exciting as well as the hardest part to a vision and a prophetic word is not really knowing how I’m going to get there, but knowing I am going to get there.


Notice in the Scripture above that it says the Lord determines our steps. The key word there is “steps.” It doesn’t say He determines our leaps. It’s important that we take steps, not leaps. When we leap, there is a lot of ground that doesn’t get covered. There is a lot of territory that never gets walked on and you may miss something important.


Again, everything we go through on our course to our prophetic destiny builds character and builds your identity. How we respond to circumstances greatly determines how well and how quickly we step into our destiny.


Next week I will share on “The Route Prepares Us For The Destination.” God Bless!

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