Fmr. New Mexico Lt. Gov. Walter Bradley on same-sex marriage


new mexico flagToday on FGGAM’s radio program on KDAZ AM730 one of our guests was Fmr. Lt. Gov. Walter Bradley. Walter was encouraging Christians not to give up in the defense of traditional marriage. I asked Walter to summarize his thoughts:


This is Lt. Gov. Walter Bradley.

Last week the supporters of homosexual marriage moved the battle to have us condone their lifestyle, from the Legislature where you continue to beat them, to our courts. When the decisions and actions of the judges and county clerks were reported many people immediately decided the fight was over. Let me refer you to James 1: 1-18 where James introduces us to Jesus as the “light” that cannot be overcome by darkness because He is the ever burning “lite”. We believe God gave us a new way to carry on the battle and allow you the people to have your voice heard. Our TVACNM attorneys believe the few judges and county clerks have misinterpreted and broken New Mexico law. The county clerks who are issuing marriage certificates have broken the law by rewording the marriage certificates, and we certainly believe they are guilty of breaking the law.

New Mexico law 40-1-18 is the law covering marriage licenses and certificates. That law clearly states applications are to be signed by a “Male Applicant” and a “Female Applicant.” Some of our county clerks have lawlessly changed the application to read “Applicant one” and Applicant two.” Furthermore, the actual marriage license must be signed by the “bride” and “groom.” Again some lawless county clerks have, on their own, changed the language to “Person one” and Person two.” In order for a New Mexico marriage application and license to be valid the above signatures must abide by law, period. This means the LEGISLATURE not the courts would have to change our law in order for these applications and licenses to be valid. This means YOU the people will be able to solicit your elected legislators to keep the law for marriage as the union of a man and a woman. You must continue to fight to preserve God’s law!

With the Lord’s help we can and will win this new clear violation of law tactic, but we must have your help. The Traditional Values Advocacy Committee is asking people to please consider a special donation to TVACNM so it can pay legal fees involved in bringing this fight back to the people.

We ask you to pray for us as we continue to speak God’s truth.

Wishing you our Lord’s Blessings,

Walter Bradley


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