Everyone has a story to tell, listen well


Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Men and marriage
Amen and Amen! I am so blessed to have Sharon as my soulmate! Yesterday my friend Ed said, “Sharon sure is a very nice lady!” Yes she is, but she pushes me in a good way! So between her, the kid’s, doggies and Pastor Paul I have it all! ! I pray over Sharon everyday! Amen! FGGAM would not exist with Sharon and her leadership! Please pray for Sharon today she is in pain! Thank the Lord she has the day off! We pray that the pain be gone, in Jesus name Amen!
Let us also pray over these needs…….
  • Our God is the Healer.
    Nothing can stop us when God is with us!
Send your prayer need to pastorDewey@fggam.org
Let us pray over this news report: (Mogollon, NM)  –  An Arizona man is still missing after his truck was found Wednesday in Mogollon.      ….  Howard Bassett’s truck was washed away in a flash flood on Saturday night off State Road 159.   Searchers say there was no sign of Bassett near the truck
We pray that Howard is found safe, in Jesus name Amen!
Please pray for Steve Minor as he travels to Texas. We pray safety over you Steve in the name of Jesus, Amen!
Please pray for healing for Shawnn, in Jesus name we pray this! Amen!
Please go to www.fggam.org and see at the top of our web page the Conference FGGAM is putting on in Santa Fe! I pray that you will be there on Oct. 15th! 
Today is National POW/MIA Day. Shari Hardway Johnson has written this wonderful post in Observance of this Day: https://fggam.org/pow-mias-in-the-family-of-god/
I am so thankful for people like Shari Hardway Johnson who post at FGGAM!
Last night I was at Valley View Christian Church in Edgwood teaching Men’s Bible Study, but I kind of laugh at that because I learn so much from these guys! It’s funny that wherever I preach people will say, that was a blessing! Thank you! Well, by golly……I am the one that is blessed! I get to see the Lord move, I get to hear what people think and how they are blessed. Everyone has a story. Everyone deserves to be allowed to tell their story! Amen! Last night we talked about the AWE OF GOD! I asked the men to share how they are AWED BY GOD! WOW! One man was driving his motorcycle and was hit head on by a truck and thrown 35 feet in the air and landed in a tree! He fell to the ground with one leg about detached from his body! He survived! Two other men survived brain surgery and on and on we went in the AWE OF GOD, OUR GOD THE HEALER! There were stories of heartbreak, two men at last nights Bible study have lost their sons both at 24 years of age. …..but the Glory of God was shining through these two Dad’s as how their son’s impacted the Kingdom in the amount of time they had on this earth. Let that be said of us all, Amen!
We are to influence the World for Jesus Christ, Amen! Everyday, Amen!
My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. Acts 20:24
Integrity makes decisions based on eternal implications.
We cannot continue to fully acquire other Christlike virtues until we first make integrity the granite foundation of our lives.. In some cases this may require us to go through the painful process of ripping out an existing foundation built upon deceit and replacing it stone by stone with a foundation of integrity!
For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and Family

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