Colorado Flood Described as “Swallowing I-25”


“The Big Thompson River is swallowing I-25.”

Estes Park co(Colorado)—Northern Colorado is experiencing some of the worst flooding the state has seen in decades—perhaps even centuries.(Photo: Estes Park, CO/USA Today)

On Friday morning there were reports of the entire town of Lyons that had to be evacuated by the National Guard, as well as other areas across the Front Range.

60 schools/districts were closed and Fort Collins was declared a disaster area.

In Larimer Country, First Responders are waiting for flood waters to reside before they can go in to rescue people who are likely stranded throughout the area.

floods coAuthorities said the Big Thompson Canyon is their “number one concern right now,” as the Big Thompson River was reported as “swallowing I-25.”

While thousands have been or are being evacuated, two people were killed due to flooding in Boulder and another killed in Colorado Springs—some twenty others were unaccounted for as of Friday morning.

The National Weather Service said the conditions in Colorado were triggered by “Biblical rainfall amounts,” and the forecast is calling for more devastating rain over the weekend.

Click Here to read more on the horrific flooding in Colorado, and please keep the people there in your prayers.


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