Today, 4 years ago, I found out that my Dad had died


familymattersWritten by Kristen Duff Young: Today, 4 years ago, I found out my dad had died, he was later revived through prayer of his doctor but died later the next day…… I didn’t have much of a relationship with my dad, I was angry with him most of my life, for leaving me and my family, for some of the choices he made, for not being there…. but in 2011, God had me write a book about my dad, about his death and life…. So much healing was involved in writing that book…. Now that he is gone, some strange feeling in me misses him, what do I miss? I don’t even know… maybe the thought or hope of a father… maybe I miss the dad I had when I was just a little girl, the times we would go to breakfast really early in the morning by ourselves or the times he would take me to his office and I would write him notes and photocopy things for him… I miss the dad before life and work took over. I never cried when I found out he had died, I never cried at the funeral… But today four years later… I finally cried. Why do I share my heart with all of facebook? We all of hurts or wounds from our past …. don’t let it paralyze your life, let God come in and heal those and like me, you somehow look past the pain and see that there was some good…. Parents, love your children, spend time with your children, don’t let life and circumstances take you away from them. They are only little for a short time….. but they remember for a lifetime….


  1. I just wanted to add one more thing… healing is so important for “Moving Forward”… even when you think you are over it and healed, God shows us, sometimes, that there is still a little bit left…there is something to be said about being real with yourself, with others and vulnerable to God the more and more I learn about God’s Grace… I know that God loved my dad, he was his boy…. so with that being said I can honestly say, I Love my Dad for who he was and not for who he wasn’t…. Blessings ~ Kristen Young

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