Pastor Steve and Sue Freeman appreciate FGGAM!

I want to tell just you how much you and your ministry has meant to me and Crestview Baptist Church!
During our relationship from the first time that I meet you at KKIM when I was putting together the Men Of Action Conference for Crestview Baptist Church back in 2009 you have treated me with love respect and honor for the Lord and His people. If it were not for you, Sue and I would not have done the Family Radio Show for almost two years. Thank you for encouraging us to step forward with faith and courage to take on such a big task for God’s Glory Alone.
We have become strong friends and brothers in Christ reaching the lost of New Mexico and beyond. I want to thank you for stepping in and preaching for me at Crestview Baptist Church so that Sue and I can retreat away from our ministry. You truly have been a blessing to my church family and to the community around us.
It has been a blessing  being a guest to your radio show and to your tv show reaching the Christian community and beyond. We have received many positive comments from being on both the radio show and the tv show.
I will always consider you a friend and brother in Christ and look forward to working together arm in arm brothers in Christ!
Thank you for being their for Sue and myself.
Pastor Steve Freeman
Crestview Baptist Church
301 Chama N.E.
Albuquerque N.M. 87108
A Community Before Christ
steve freeman