Need A Little Inspiration … Follow Dean’s Example


Do you find yourself wanting to try a new hobby, skill or vocation, but the doubt creeps in to stall your beginning:  so much so, you put the desire away in your “chest of desires,” never to bring them out to the light of day.

Take a look at Dean and bring out your dream … don’t forget to pray to the other part of the team:

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After serving (1957-1961) a peace time tour in the United States Marine Corps, I served with the New Mexico State Police (1964-1985). My career with the New Mexico State Police ended when I retired as commander of its criminal division at the rank of captain. I have lived in Edgewood, New Mexico since 1985. When Edgewood was incorporated, I was elected as one of five governing body members. Since then, except for a two year period, I have continued to serve on the Edgewood town council. I am a member of Valley View Christian Church in Edgewood and I enjoy volunteer work of just about any kind, whether through my church or my community. I am a passionate Pro-Life advocate, and a Christian that believes Jesus was involved in politics, and we (Christians) should follow Christ in ways pleasing to Him and our LORD.

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