KDAZ Radio’s Birga Alden: Thoughts on Abortion Protesting


birga 2Personal thoughts on Abortion Protesting by Birga Alden

First off, let me say that these are my (Birga) personal thoughts and not expressed on behalf of “us” as a Morning Show team, or on behalf of the station. These are just some personal ponderings.

For the last few weeks, I’ve felt a great deal of conflict in my heart when I hear about/see abortion protests that have taken place in front of a private residence. I do not doubt the passion and conviction of those who feel the call to stand and raise awareness of the horrors of abortion. I applaud their zeal to protect the life of the unborn.

I do however, question the effectiveness of enacting a change of heart through these means. If an abortion doctor and his/her family feels “attacked”, is it not a natural human response to attack back? At least I would imagine a response of hatred or vengeance could be expected.

If the end goal is to sway a doctor, nurse or staff member who works at an abortion clinic to have a change of heart and mind, doesn’t the best chance come through a Spirit transformation? When that individual gets the opportunity to feel the love of Christ, expressed through the body of Christ, would that not begin the process of a life transformed?

Then the question was asked, “Would you feel the same way about the Holocaust?” This is where my personal conflict enters in. If we lived in the Nazi era and I heard of a group of protesters in front of the home of a Death Camp director, would it bother me? Probably not. Yet . . .

I celebrate the Constitutional freedoms that we have been given; to gather and protest and voice our opinions. And protests have been effective! Many Americans have no doubt had their eyes opened by the graphic images and shocking truth displayed in anti-abortion rallies.

During the Holocaust, much of the world turned a blind eye, was ignorant to, or simply overwhelmed by the magnitude of the evil being carried out. Had there been protesters with graphic signs gathered throughout global communities, would the nations have taken action sooner, after the outrage of its people demanded it? I would hope so.

There is a time and place for public displays of protest and even righteous anger. It may even be effective in leading the way for a changed policy or government involvement. But I would guess that it seldom leads to the heart change of an individual.

The most effective tool that we have as believers in Christ is our personal testimony. What He has done to change our lives. How He has set us free from sin and shame. How He loves us despite our mistakes. How He forgives! I would doubt that this tender transaction could be communicated effectively in protest form.

Please hear my heart—I have such respect for those who stand for life and are working to see the end of abortion! I’m so hesitant to even publish this because I’m afraid it will be used for one-liners or as fuel for those who may attack my position.

I don’t have the answers—I probably have more questions than anything. In wanting to have a civil, respectful and Christ like debate, I thought it important to put my thoughts on “paper”.

I pray for those of you that are standing on the front lines. I pray too, for those that are ensnared in the abortion industry, believing the lie that they are somehow providing a helpful service to women.

If I don’t join you in the picket line, it isn’t necessarily because I disagree with the message. It just isn’t what I’ve been called to do. I may however join you in the quest to spread the truth of the sanctity of life when my very angry, pro-“choice” friend wants to have a one-on-one talk.

I believe in life–from conception to natural death. Yet, these years we will spend on planet Earth are brief. We will all live eternally after taking our last breath here. The question is; will we be breathing smoke, or Glory? My heart yearns to share the hope of heaven with those who have been placed in my path.

Should I be doing what I can to make a difference in there here and now? Absolutely! I guess the question that is ultimately up for debate is: How?

Birga and morning show partner Dan Rosecrans will be talking about this in the 8am hour of their show Tuesday morning on KDAZ AM730, in Albuquerque, tune in! Join the discussion.

Also read this story on Protests in Bernalillo County: https://fggam.org/proposal-would-ban-protests-at-homes-in-bernalillo-county/


  1. The number of intentionally mutilated unborn babies greatly exceeds even that of those killed in the Holocaust – not that I’m in any way taking anything from the unimaginable suffering of the Jewish people during WWII. However, if it were any other people group besides the conveniently unseen and unborn, practically the whole world would be in protest and utter disgust with abortion. So, some action to shine the light, open eyes, remind folks of the alternatives to abortion, and to prick the conscience of those who would rather not know what is occurring “down the street” is fine with me.

  2. Birga, please ponder scripture as opposed to your own heart. Scripture tells us to “expose the deeds of darkness- Eph. 5:11.” While we must also be obedient in sharing grace and truth this exposure is required of us as Christians. Just as you don’t feel “called” to publicly oppose the killing of innocent children, many who kill these children may never feel “called” to quit. But does that mean that they must live quiet lives? Absolutely not, would we afford this to pedophiles and sex offenders? What about those, like Larry Leeman who actually kill children? We must consider what God requires, “to RESCUE those led to the slaughter…Proverbs 24:12.” Rescue means just that, to the best of our ability, not just talk about it on the radio. God’s truth must reign supreme and supersede our own opinions. We will all be held accountable for every action and inaction, obey God, don’t trust your heart or fear man. Lives literally depend on it and as you criticize those who are actually saving lives, you are merely a distraction to what God is accomplishing. May we all be open to grow more in the knowledge of Him who saves us through His Son.(Please make sure Birga receives this.)

  3. Sarah,
    I will meditate on the verses you left. My article was not meant as a criticism of anyone. It was simply a way for me to put my own thoughts down as I think/pray through these issues.
    I do want to point out that Dewey asked for permission to publish it (which I gave) but it was not written for mass distribution. It was to be uses as a conversation starter for the radio program. There is value in talking through these hard issues as the body of Christ.

  4. Birga,

    Thank you for your thoughts. The Lord gives us various talents, abilities and personalities to accomplish His purposes. Your point is to continue to stand for the unborn, but to do it in the most Christ-like manner available to us.

    The same Jesus who taught us that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church is the One who taught us that to live by the sword is to die by the sword. The US constitution imparts the right to peacefully assemble and speak freely in the public arena.

    Christians should not employ the tactics of the enemy. We should avoid taking the battle to private homes, keeping the protests on public property.

    We actually have better and more effective tools in our arsenal. Take the current petition drive that is being squashed by city clerk Amy Bailey. Should we not flood her office with calls to get her act together and allow the people to vote on the future of abortion in Albuquerque?

    I appreciate Birga’s reminder to oppose the enemy the Lord’s way, peacefully, lawfully and lovingly.
    Never backing down from the fight, but also avoiding the enemy’s tactics.

    The church should always avoid eating it’s own.

  5. “Enemie’s Tactics…?” I think American pastors should refrain from publishing comments, it discredits you from making any statements concerning biblical truth and constitutional freedoms! I recommend Paul that you actually read your bible and the constitution.

  6. @Jose, Would you care to elaborate on your comment: ” I recommend Paul that you actually read your bible and the constitution” ? It seems you are bashing Paul without giving any context for your disagreeance. I am quite interested.

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