How are we to relate to Udall’s $1.5 Mil and Pearce’s $785,000?


tom udallsteve Piercequestion_mark-2-285x300New Mexico Senator Tom Udall (Dem) has raised $1.5 million for his re-election campaign. How can we relate to that much money, when we live in one of the poorest states in the United States and our children’s well being is ranked at the bottom. Why not give it all to the food banks around the state? That would be the greatest campaign promotion Udall and others could ever think of! I would pray, instead of all this upcoming mud slinging ,all Politicians would donate all campaign funds to the food banks around the state of New Mexico. Rep. Steve Pearce (R) has $758,000 on hand for his campaign, you can buy a lot of meat and potatoes with that. Looking at what we got from all the debates and campaign commercials and promises in the last election, I pray they give it to the food banks. Too many people in New Mexico and our children are still suffering, You and I were told by these Politicians that things would change.

I was at the Food Pantry in Edgewood last week, so many hungry people, so many hungry children, who are so very thankful for a loaf of bread.