Albuquerque Late Term Abortion Initiative may not make Oct. ballot, maybe Nov.We must be in prayer


albuquerqueIt’s looking more and more that the initiative to stop late term abortion in Albuquerque may not make the Oct. 8th City ballot.

The Albuquerque Journal reports this morning that City Clerk Amy Bailey said she needs a election resolution from the City Council in time to publish legal notices on August 20th.

The Clerk’s office has validated about 3,200 of the needed 12,091 signatures.

The City Council has only two meetings scheduled this month, this Monday and there is no election resolution on the agenda and the other meeting is set for August 19th which may be too late to get the legal notices published in time by the next day.

In the article written in the Journal by Dan McKay he said that City Council President Dan Lewis, who is a Pastor, said the abortion ordinance , if the signatures are certified, might go to  voters in November. That’s when the city had tentatively planned a runoff election for races in which no candidate gets a majority of the vote in the Oct. 8th election.

Tara Shaver one of the leader’s in the drive to end abortion, period! said, “The main thing we want to see is, we want to see it on a ballot.”

Watch Bud and Tara Shaver on Dewey and Friends here:

AMEN! We must continue to pray for this effort. We must pray for a clear road to put this initiative on the City ballot.

We PRAISE GOD that Mayor Berry has come out in support of this City ordinance to end late term abortion.

Read more here on Mayor Berry’s support:

It comes as no surprise that there are all these hoops to go though, we cover it in prayer. Don’t give in, don’t give up, don’t compromise.