A Prayer for FGGAM: Miracles Happen Everyday by Angel Murchison


prayercryingoutMiracles Happen Everyday

By Angel Murchison


Dewey, Sharon what do you have need of today? Jesus is waiting to meet your need. Fill your lives with great expectation. Yes the battle rages, but the victory has already been won. I break off of you any discouragement, disappointment that has attached its self to you. You are not victims but walk victorious with the sword of the spirit in your hands, on your lips and hidden in your hearts. I pray for fggam. I prophesy expansion, expansion, expansion. I declare and decree that this ministry will go around the globe and increase in readers, writers and timely words for the body of Christ all for the glory of the great King Jesus. I pray the prayer of Jabez over this ministry. Oh, that you would bless Dewey and Sharon and fggam indeed, that you would enlarge their territory, that your hand would be with them, and that you keep them from evil, and that they would not cause pain (1 chronicles 4:10).

Lord I pray you send them help. The more you can trust them with the more you will give them to work in the kingdom. I declare this worldwide global ministry will increase in venues and in ways unthinkable to man. I thank you for creative ideas, inroads, open doors, divine appointments and taking this ministry to the next level. Lord forgive us for limiting you. Today Sharon, Dewey and I take the limits off of you. We take our thoughts that is so much lower than your thoughts and we pull them down and all reasoning in the natural and look to you King Jesus the supernatural King of Glory. Your heart is Dewey and Sharon’s heart, that none should perish but have everlasting life. I thank you Lord that the work you have begun in them and thru them you will bring to completion.

As Maine goes so goes the nation(s). I heard it said most recently that the wagons are coming, the wagons are coming. That it would be hard to find a small church here in Maine as the wagons are coming. I rec’d that word in my spirit that night as I had brought and had been praying for two drug addicts. Father would you continue to strip off any residue of a religious spirit that may try to linger in all our lives. You are God. I remember telling you I didn’t like a particular preacher and really didn’t like to listen to him speak. You gently reminded me it was you that chooses and not me. Help the body of Christ not to mistake preference over truth. I pray for unity among believers. Lord I pray that we could come together for a willingness to serve you. No agendas, no pretense, nothing other than a pure heart to serve the King. Pure worship, pure heart, pure motives, giving you permission to take these ministries to the next level, Dewey and Sharon say yes, yes Lord to your will and to your way. Lord we all repent of any unbelief that has crept in. Forgive us.

It’s time for your miracle(s), are you ready for a miracle, are you really ready for a miracle? Dewey and Sharon it’s time to receive your miracle(s). The miracle that no man could put together only the supernatural hand of the almighty Father. Receive it in the name of Jesus. The name above all names.

Lord I thank you for victory. I pray blessings over this family, their ministries and their very lives. No weapon formed against them will ever prosper and you will give your angels charge over them. We give you thanks. Keep them strong, in great health and the word of the Lord burning inside them. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to them.

Many Blessings,


P.S. Don’t forget to thank him for the miracle(s).

Note from Pastor Dewey: I first met Angel, who lives in the State of Maine, years ago while Manager of KKIM Radio in Albuquerque, NM. Angel did a radio program on the station. Angel is a Christian Leader in the State of Maine and travels from time to time to spread the good news of Jesus Christ! I have come to know Angel as a strong, compassionate women of God. She sends Sharon and I a prayer letter from time to time that I save, in fact I tape them to by office wall. Her love that she shares of Jesus is so AWESOME! Sharon and I thank Angel and all of you who pray for us as we prepare for year 2 of FGGAM, for God’s Glory Alone! We love you all!

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