A Glimpse into Hell: A look at an Abortion Clinic

It is a glimpse into hell,” Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher
Today, Life Dynamics a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas isreleasing the second part of our Abortion Clinic Worker video series.

The DVD is titled: An American Abortion Clinicand Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher describes the DVD as, “a glimpse into hell.”






In the first release of the abortion clinic workers series, which we uploaded to youtube, we show an interview with workers from Douglas Karpen’s Houston abortion clinic dealing only with the babies.





In this extended release, former abortion clinic workers reveal some very disturbing things about the way that patients were treated at the abortion clinic.


For example, ex-employees of the abortion clinic say that many of the abortion clinic’s patient charts would come up missing, that the abortionist paid some staff “under the table,” and they accuse one of the clinic’s nurses of signing off on patient charts when she was not present at the abortion clinic.



Below is a sample of some of the statements you will hear these former workers say on the DVD:


“We seen a lot of cases where women, they felt like they had to push and they had to run to the bathroom. On some occasions we had women that were the fetus were falling into the toilet.. We had one incident where it was big news, where the fetus was left in the toilet, I don’t know if you all heard about that one she was at McDonalds. They stopped there in the morning and the fetus was left in the toilet and nobody ever found out whose fetus it was, but it was one of his patients. We knew it because we were watching it on the news that day that she was supposed to be in the clinic.”


He was trying to pull out the fetus…and he pulled her cervix out thinking it was the arm or something…he pulled it out, he ripped it apart..he had said, she probably won’t be able to have kids any more after this. ”  “And he didn’t want to tell her because it was a Spanish speaking lady…she didn’t need to know what was going on with herself.”  They said it was the staff not the abortionist who told the woman to go to the hospital after the abortion.


“He would leave a patient on the table, 45 minutes with her legs open and a speculum inside her cervix as he went across to his office and had his sandwich.”


“If he had a patient that asked a lot of questions he would prefer for them to be put to sleep.”  “It was his way of making more money, of course, because deep sedation was another $200.00.”


“He had a different demeanor when he felt attracted to a patient. Body language would change…we knew that he was really attracted to the stripper type…a nice tan body…where you can tell that the woman had some breast work done”


“Sometimes, while they were asleep, he would lift up the gown and see their breasts…if they were good looking ladies, especially the white ladies, the whole touching was different…it was just gross.”


Crutcher says, “We did an interview with a patient in this place and it’s almost incomprehensible what they did to her.”


Crutcher continues, “it’s almost mind-boggling to think that there are people in this world who argue that these abortion clinics are safe and legal for women to go to, and then you hear the words of a woman who actually went to one and you deal with some of the women that we talk to all of the time that go to these places, and it’s incredible that these people get away with this lie.”







Crutcher concludes, “This DVD is a glimpse into hell. If you do not think that an abortion clinic’s front door is a glimpse into hell, than you’re not paying attention.  This video will give you a glimpse inside that…This thing is powerful and you need to see it.”  


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