9 years ago today My Dear Friend Frank Haley Discovered that his Son Noah, had taken his own life

comfortSince the suicide of Rick Warren’s son, suicide has been in the news a lot. Rick Warren preached at Saddleback for the first time since his son’s death this past Sunday. The Warren family is going through much pain. Pastor Warren has shared a bit about what the family is going through and has been an encouragement to other families going through the same thing.I have interviewed my dear brother Frank Haley NM Hall-of-Fame Broadcaster more than once about the suicide of his son Noah. Frank is the one that discovered Noah’s body on that August morning 9 years ago today.
Frank sent this note to me today, Frank and Lydia pray that this will be an encouragement to many.
Suicide does not have a zip code, it can happen to any family.
Let us be God’s comforters.
Let us pray.

My daughter Lydia wrote this on FaceBook today:

August 2nd is here again. Each year becomes a bit “easier,” but still, I miss my brother Noah so very much. Life is not the same without him. I wonder what he’d be like at 31 years old. Would he be married, with a family of his own? He would have so much fun eith his nieces. I miss his smile, his sense of humor. I hope I appreciated him as much as I should have when he was alive. Im hard on my daughters when they fight; I want them to appreciate one another & not regret their time together. Friends, please know that it is never, ever, EVER ok to take your own life. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Don’t ever allow yourself to contemplate it, even for a minute. Always remember, God made you & He loves you & He has a plan for your life! Never doubt your worth!

Thanks you Jesus for Your Comfort!!

I know that Noah is with you.  That  gives me Your Peace!!