Santa Fe County joins City of Santa Fe in support of same-sex marriage


gay-marriageSanta Fe County New Mexico Commissioners have approved a Resolution supporting same-sex marriage and a recent decision by the Santa Fe County Clerk to deny two men a marriage license, an action that’s made her the subject of a lawsuit.  Commissioner Liz Stephanics who is gay, sponsored the Resolution. She said, We wish the state Supreme Court to rule and make this matter clear for all the people here in our state.”

The only dissenting vote came from Commissioner Robert Anaya, who supports same sex marriage but said at the last minute he could not vote for the amendment that changed the language in the resolutions title from support for the county clerk “in her defense of the petition for writ of mandamus to “in performance of her duties.”

The change was requested by State Rep. Democrat Brian Egolf, who is an attorney representing Alexander Hanna and Yon Hudson, who have asked the state Supreme Court to order Santa Fe County Clerk Geraldine Salazar to issue them a license. Salazar denied their request in June.

Commissioner Stephanics agreed to remove language from the resolution referring to current state laws restricting same-sex marriage as “morally reprehensible.” ANTIQUATED was left in!

So as I stated yesterday, they are really calling God’s Word here on the sanctity of marriage, ANTIQUATED.

Let us be in prayer.

So now the City of Santa Fe and the County of Santa Fe both have passed resolutions in support of same-sex marriage.

On this week’s edition of Dewey and Friends Pastor Don Kimbro of Nuggets of Truth Ministry is my guest. Pastor Don talks about the sanctity of marriage and that many Pastor’s are caving on this issue, they have given up in standing in the gap for the sanctity of marriage.

Dewey and Friends is a Television Ministry of FGGAM and it can be seen on KAZQ TV CH 32 in Albuquerque Saturday nights at 7:30pm.

For some, it is beginning to feel like your the Lone Ranger in standing in the gap for the sanctity of marriage.

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