Patricia is Thankful for FGGAM

Hi Dewey,
I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done in my life.  You are a true man of God – God’s light in this world.
A few years ago, you brought me to your radio station to speak on Meth when I developed a Meth program for the NM Attorney General’s Office. You understood and never hesitated to pray with me when I found myself in battle with the spiritual world.   As you well know, Meth is the evil’s greatest tool.
Later, I had a request. I met a police officer that was hurting for his children. His wife was doing everything to take them away from him. He is a good man.  I was in Questa when I asked you for prayer and felt the awesome power of your prayer as if the multitudes were praying. I fell to my knees and knew our prayers would be answered.  Today, the police officer is back with his wife and children and I have had the privilege to spend time with them.
Recently, I fell down a set of stairs and again I sought your help. Your sense of urgency sent me to the doctor and as a result, I followed the doctor’s orders which entailed more bed rest than I would have ever done on my own.  I am back to normal today.
Today, I sent you a prayer request. My heart is broken.  As always, you respond in minutes and I feel God’s divine love and concern come through you. You are an amazing vessel of God’s pure divine love.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You are so loved.
In Christ’s Love, Patricia Rael


  1. Pastor Dewey,
    Knowing you are a modest man of modest means, I believe God is sharing his Glory through Ms. Rael’s words of thanks for your help through God.

    Praying for more success in your work and more Grace in Ms. Rael’s struggles.

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